Tarka Winds by \<>(*)<>/ on October 23, 2002

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Bots Client Side Night

Guess I'll send this out. been sitting around getting covered in dust for awhile. I've been trying to find someone with a script to allow the MPB to deploy anywhere, but know luck. THEN I did find one but, as it would deploy anywhere, it would not deploy on the "ICE" keeped saying station and turret is blocked. This could be due to the scaling of the ice and bunkers I used to. So for now I just took out the MPB till I find someone that can help me. I even tried Tse Tse scripts form Zen, but did not have any luck with it. Might have missed something =(.

Cold Rabbit by DSEZKiller on September 29, 2002

Other Snow Snowing Client Side

This map takes team work and work and skill. The 2 cannons are directly below each goal which makes for a fast pace game. The flag is located in the middle of the 2 goals. Each team has 2 spawning towers. Which are behind the goal. In order to achieve a goal the team must work through this mountainous terrian. This is my first Team Rabbit 2 map and hopefully not my last. I want to thank Jambon for some testing help and ideas. I hope u all enjoy playing Team Rabbit 2.

Coredarea by Ensign Munro on September 7, 2002

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing

Based on the game series of Starfox, Coredarea has now become an ice world. Even though it can barely support life, Coredarea Command has managed to survive. Unfortunatly, a huge asteroid collided with the northern polar ice caps, causing them to melt. Now the ice world has become an icy water world. (Original, ain't it?) lol.

When i made the map, there was a flaw with the water. It only went to a certain level before it sort of came "off the ground". Then i realized, this flaw can give the map an interesting perspective.

Snow Boll -Snow Ball was used- by Wet Duck on July 29, 2002

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Client Side Night

A dark map with fog at low levels. 2 Identical bases with a sniping tower above the fog in the middle of the map. you can see both bases from the center tower. No Large turrets so you'll have to place lot's of Jerichos outside your base. Flag is defended by 6 sentury turrets, so you'll have to knock out the base generators to get the flag.

Permafrost by Killin is fun on July 14, 2002

Siege Snow Snowing Night

Permafrost is a snow map set at night. The area of gameplay is a valley and it's surrounding ridges. The attackers start at a simple floating platform with four inventory stations, nestled at the top of a ridge overlooking a valley. From this base they can ski down into the valley and eventually up to the main defensive base.

The first targets are the East and West generators, located in high towers on the ridges surrounding the valley. These are hard to reach because of their altitude, and are best dealt with by a light rush early in the game.

2nd Sub War by Cyborg_Boba_fet on July 14, 2002

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Client Side Custom Shapes

Well after a long time I finaly realised that my 1st sub war map was getting some bad ranks about the baroness of the subs and terrain. So today I decided to make my second one. I do belive the subs are much less baron than the old ones. Also the terrain is more lumpy but I thought I would leave out the organics this time.

As both teams know the oil rig could be worth more than they could ever have. So both teams are trying to be the last ones with it when the time end. So if you win then you will be able to retire.

Freeze Blasted by Death Lobster on June 30, 2002

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing Bots Night

Hello again all. This is my second map. I've put alot of time and care into it to make it as good as possible and better than my last. With that said let me tell you alittle about it.

The bases are 600m apart with a capturable Center Tower inbetween. Each base has a vehicle pad that can only spawn air vehicles. The Center Tower has a vehicle pad that can only spawn ground vehicles, which makes it rather important.

High visibility makes for good sniping.

Containment by ???Unknown??? on June 16, 2002

Siege Snow Snowing

Both the Offense and Defense spawn in the Ultima Thule base, seperated from each other by force fields.

The goal of the Offense is to destroy the Generators in order to take down the force fields blocking their path (keeping them "contained") in order to reach the Switch FF Generator, and in turn, the switch.

The goal of the Defense is to keep the Offense "contained" as much as possible by defending and repairing the Generators and keeping as many FF's up as possible, and keeping the Offense from reaching the switch.

The close proximity of the Offense and Defense can make for some intense g