sedEre by Necrofix->DgD> on February 1, 2002

Siege Badlands Storming Client Side

This is my first map

Siege map where there's 2 generator powering Exterior defenses and a forcefield around the base. Atacking team cannot go through. 2 generator inside the base power some sentry turret(located inside) and the forcefield around the last generator.The lsat generator power the switch forcefield.

By the way sedEre mean siege in latin

Torrent by Killin is fun on January 27, 2002

Capture the Flag Badlands Storming Client Side Custom Shapes

Two ancient rivals are engaged in fierce combat in the badlands of Kithlin II. The Blood Eagle and Diamond sword have both come into possession of abandoned Bioderm strongholds. Each stronghold is situated over a section of ancient tunnels. These tunnels are an ideal location for each tribe to house the generators that power each stronghold. Unfortunately, recent excavation has revealed a small cave that leads from the tunnels to the topside, which leaves the generators more vulnerable than each tribe would like.

BLACKSTORM2 by D.N.A. on January 15, 2002

Capture the Flag Lush Storming Client Side Night

Hello everyone!! And Goodbye!
This is the last map of D.N.A.
I guessed that the last map should be a part2 of the best one I got which is Black Storm.
So here is BLACKSTORM2. Worked on it for a while and there are no problems that I can tell of. The bots in this are just as mean and a little smarter now then before. They seem to know where everything is and they don't go near the water unless they have to. Hell...I see them jump over the water now! And lava...I added bots to Firestorm
and they just go around...but that's something else.

Darkland by 0Zero0 on January 3, 2002

Capture the Flag Desert Storming Night

Well my first map. Hope it's good at least for a first try.
I took the idea of covering the Vbay up but used FF's this time.
The FF's can be knock down by distroying the solar gen ontop of
bunker next to the Vbay. Main gen is inside the big base. But another gen is located in the bunker that CONTROLS the Vbay.
Anyway I'll let ya download it and have fun....I hope. Happy New Year!!

Apathy by DarkOre on December 9, 2001

Capture the Flag Volcanic Storming Client Side

In the time of change ... the world is struggling to shake of the pestilence of a war that completely destroyed it. With an artificial geothermic generator placed with in the core of the planet an atmosphere was made to help rebuild the planet from a lava soak land to a land of lush and lively one.

Nashaboo Prime by the crypt on December 8, 2001

Capture the Flag Lush Storming Client Side

In the heart of chaos sheldter was made on the hills and in the valleys of a great mountain range. As Time passed and war was supressed the shelters were abanded for a while. Now during the Tribal Wars that wage the shelters become the battle ground.

TheTrench2 by =/\CE= on November 25, 2001

Capture the Flag Lush Storming Client Side

Here is a bigger version of TheTrench and different also.You can get vehicles...and more defense post and turrets.Have fun...and make a massive battle..a good 12man and up kind of map..thanks.

Snatch by Elementl on November 12, 2001

Capture the Flag Lush Storming Night

Two bases are seperated by approximately 900m, with an objective in the middle that controls 3 turrets and a sensor in midfield. Bases are set between 2 hills, with the flag resting on a bridge. Vehicle Pads are located behind the main base, while a tower is positioned forward of the main base.
the [smile] & |so| crew
This mission's main bases look like Boss, by Rilke. This mission was made without having seen Boss, or any screenshots of it. Further proof that great minds think alike.

XyphoidThunder by Max Smith on November 10, 2001

Arena Other Storming

2 remote clans stumbled on this planet to find that it has all been drowned out. The waste and toxins from the buildings have been washed in the water making it very easy to move.

Your Objective is to kill the other clan and get back to your home planet alive.

Theres no turning back this time

By Gnomes!!