Wipeout by Kael on January 3, 2002

Race Badlands Foggy Client Side

hey its a race map, with tunnels , jumps, and a wipeout style track, what more do you want. Well although its my first map its very proffesional, honest. Anyhoo give it a go, you may think its pants, but then again. Dare you risk it.

P.S. watch out for the water jump, I nearly hit 500kmph on a wildcat


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by TseTse on January 5, 2002 · Rating:

This map produced the most fun i've ever had in a gravcycle. The banks on the course are really impressive. This map tests racing skills (not whether you know the map and can stay on the course without blowing up). If you end up making an update, the only thing i'd suggest is to texture by slope, and try to highlight the road a bit. Great job. Made me want to see a real race mod.

by punkrocker on January 7, 2002 · Rating:

great map fin' awesome but the problem is the texture right before the Water Jump is bumpy causing me to loose speed and crash you should smooth out the terrian there so you get more speed the most speed becuase of bumpieness i got was 346 not much!

by Kael on January 8, 2002 · Rating:

yea true did give it a go, but im still experimenting with the editor. Best way to get up speed is to use the sides as a half pipe before you get to the jump

by RG_Crusader on April 17, 2004 · Rating:

I dont say this often, but its one of the best I have seen. Smooth out the water jump and add a start line then it would be an A+.