Caladan The Cataclysm by _Tex on June 11, 2003

Capture the Flag Desert Foggy

Another Caladan map for the faithful.

As one might suspect as of late, I've been between contracts so I've had a lot of time to map, hence all the maps I've released lately. Cleaning out some old ones, making some new ones... ahh well here it is...

The Bioderm hordes have tested a weapon of horrible destructive power on the Starwolf's heavily populated yet small world of Caladan. Out of the several hundred thousand that populated this planet only 2500 survived.

This map has the long bridge base from the original caladan almost exactly, except destroyed.

Rollercoaster Xi by Xionic on June 7, 2003

Capture the Flag Desert Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

In this version of Rollercoaster I really tried to recreate the original and cater to the T1 crowd. There is no vehicle station because the old T1 Flyer may have been intended for this map but not the Shrike. The terrain is an exact copy of the original exported using KineticPoet’s Tribes 1 terrain exporter so all your old ski routes should still be there. Also, the turret’s cannot be changed.

Divinity by Celios on April 30, 2003

Other Desert Clear

This is the first original Team Gauntlet map, made entirely for this mod and not made by the original Gauntlet team. Keeping this in mind, I hope to keep a good thing going.

This is a desert map, with players starting on opposite sides of a large crater. There is a single "strip" of land through the center of the crater with both sides submerged in lava. Players ski down part of this strip of land to a "jump pad" which will launch them high into the air. The map starts fast, ski's fast and fights fast.

Beware; there is not only lava and desert here however.

Filtered Dust by =/\CE= on April 27, 2003

Capture the Flag Desert Clear

Just got back into t2 mapping again:)This map is a simple CTF for base or classic...the skiing is great for getaways even for base in capping.We may have a PU on this map soon *I hope*Ill keep you all posted.

Burried Alive by DSEZKiller on April 16, 2003

Siege Desert Clear

Here is a map I’ve had since last summer. This map is based off the concept by ???Unknown???. The concept was used in the map Containment. This map you start in the basement and move your way to the switch. You will have to move you way threw the base carefully because of the numerous nooks and crannies that cloackers can hide in. I would like to thank the beta testers. You know who you are I don’t remember its been a long time. Hope you all enjoy this --DSEZ

Dune by Venom Fangs on April 16, 2003

Arena Desert Clear Client Side

Finally, after tons of problems, I have finished my first cs map.

This map is not based on the movie, because I've never seen it actually...

Desert map with static bases and water; hope you enjoy.

Revival by |AcId-BuRn| on March 3, 2003

Capture the Flag Desert Clear Bots

REVIVAL:The main base contains: (1)Vehicle station,(3)Base Turrets,(3)Generators,(2)Sentry turrets,(2)Sensors large and medium,(8)Inventory Stations.I made this map with a few Eyecandys and a few cool secrets and i think i did a pretty good job with the landscape details.
-I hope you like it
La base principal de REVIVAL:que tiene:(1)Vehicle la estación, torrecillas de (3)Base, (3)Generators, torrecillas de (2)Sentry, (2)Sensors grande y medio, (8)Inventory Stations.
-hice lo mejor que pude con el terreno espero que les guste el mapa.

Gunship Battle -Revised- by _Tex on February 20, 2003

Capture the Flag Desert Raining

There were problems reported with my map Gunship Battle. Rather than correct those mistakes and completely throw out a map that was exactly as I wanted it to be *and my personal favorite map of all time* I decided to make a sequel of sorts to said map.

Gunship Battle -Revised- does not have the Force Field scripts that were so notoriously crashing servers. Instead there are in fact no force fields at all on the main bases which eliminated the need for a Force Field Gen tower nearby, so that as well was removed.

CubedArena by Computer5k on February 18, 2003

Arena Desert Clear

This is my second map. I hope its better than my first.

Everyone can use all the inventory stations and each team has two bases across from each other.

Put it on your server if you think its good. :)

Decrepify by Azenn on February 8, 2003

Capture the Flag Desert Clear

Next map:

This map is a very simple server-side map. The bases are identical with 2 towers, a vehicle pad, and flag. The generators are defended by a single sentry turret from the roof, and the flag is defended by an elf turret. A plasma turret is located in front of the base.

Probably my last map, I just wanted to try it out. If someone actually enjoys them I might make more, but I doubt anyone actually will :P