Griegen by *vXKitiaraXv* on June 18, 2002

Deathmatch Lush Raining Client Side

ok...i made this map while i was comeing down off of whatever it was that i did at OBC (a concert in las vegas). lol well its really freagin creative :P

the bases and everything are set up in a small valley, large valley, whatever. theres a marker in the map center...and the Forsaken One. the Forsaken One is the creative thing that i made usind all original t2 structures. its really cool.

Lushtraphobia by Sun Quan on June 9, 2002

Deathmatch Lush Clear

On of the must keep orginals, this map is almost like Ceremony because it has the bouncy water, but this includes a capturable flip-flop. One turret under the control of the flip-flop is AA which is going to be pretty useful. With two floating platforms and 2 Inv' stations

Crystal Shards by Dr. Pimento on May 30, 2002

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Deathmatch Siege Volcanic Clear Bots Night

What can you do to destroy a Diamond Sword world? It already looks like Hell.. what's left to do to it? When the Diamond Sword troops came home, at first glance, everything was as they had left it. It soon became apparent, however, that nothing at all remained unsoiled by a pillaging Horde detachment. Even the air stank of the enemy, and few now will live, even on the sites of their homes.

Crystal Shards brings an interesting twist to gameplay.

Fan Castle by Sun Quan on May 19, 2002

Deathmatch Badlands Storming

Since the Horde have developed there own race, it all started here. This castle was owned by Qwenu: The most famous Horde ruler. Now the year is 6590 A.D.. You have been choseen to fight in a grand deathmatch.

Map by: Sun Quan (Ragballs)

Shattered Paradise by Dr. Pimento on May 16, 2002

Bounty Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Deathmatch Hunters Siege Team Hunters Lush Raining Bots

The Blood Eagle armies returned victorious from a campaign against the Hordes, only to come home and find one of their most sacred relics lying in ruins. Lighting plays across the sky now, and courses through the empty shells that were temples, once.

Shattered Paradise gives a new aspect to CTF, being described by one as Siege in CTF. If you hold the center Ruins, you have a ForceField over your flag, keeping it safely out of enemy's hands. As an added bonus, you can capture the low Temple, whereupon the Sniper's room in the Main base will cloak anyone inside it.

Broken Dreams by Dr. Pimento on May 1, 2002

Bounty Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Deathmatch Hunters Rabbit Siege Team Hunters Snow Storming Bots Night

This once beautiful outflung StarWorlf world was taken by the Derm forces during it's inhabitant's tenure in the war. The snowfields were turned to vast mining tracts, with bridges marring the view and pollution clouding the sky. The Bioderms had left by the time the humans returned, but that didn't make the loss any more bearable.

The atmosphere of this map is dark, and perhaps forboding.

FallingSucks by Wipeout on April 27, 2002

Capture the Flag Deathmatch Lush Clear Client Side

FallingSucks is the second map that I have ever made. First map I have posted on Tribes2maps. I believe that this map will live up to its name, because if you fall it suck, and because of this it makes playing on this map much more exciting. The map contains two really big hills/mountains, on top of each hill is the teams base. The hills are connected by a bridge in the middle of the bridge is a tower that has almost every gun and pack on the game. ForceFields protect the enemy from entering your base.

Mini SunDried by AdroNesn on April 25, 2002

Bounty Deathmatch Hunters Rabbit Desert Clear

I love Sun Dried but I got tired of always having to search for people when only 4 or 5 players were in the game.

So I tweaked it a bit. I made the play area smaller. I changed the inventory bases and I added a fence around the area so you know where out of bounds is. There are also a couple of ammo and health caches around.

Beware of the fences. If you get caught in them, you'll be an easy target for the enemy.

Have fun!