Construction Isles V3 by CMDRBOB on December 1, 2003

Other Lush Clear Client Side

Well, Ive observed that this Series of maps are a very popular sort, so I made it better. This is the only version Im posting on T2Maps.com. I'm Planning on making a V (version) 4, 5, then Gold. Check my site for these updates!

Flatland Tunnels by Cheesed-Off on November 30, 2003

Other Desert Clear Client Side

this map is tunnels thats all it is for builders to be able to build in tunnels there endless they will keep repeating someware they go one for almost ever if you are able to make it that far when you frist start you will fall far down a long tube when you hit the botton there will be sparkey teleporter there and you will teleport down to the bottom under the ground were the v pad and inv will be the tele is one way you will be killed if you dont move off it and if you do get off and try to get on you will be bumped off also there is a hidden arena shaped place also plese submit ideas i need t

Flatland Island by Cheesed-Off on November 29, 2003

Other Lush Clear Client Side

This map is like flatland only the area around the starting point has been changed to lush and the area around the rest is desert it has water from beach of highrock island for the water in the pit there is a secret area about 3 k above the main v pad and the tele porter will take u across the water there is a bridge to move mpbs across and the teleporter script that was made by sparky is built into the vl2 so its just drag and drop also i encourage you to post susgestions and ideas.

Flatland Valley 2 by Cheesed-Off on November 29, 2003

Other Lush Clear Client Side

This map was made since I need more practice with the editor I have other maps check them out this map has one bace and a bridge no water is im the map but it has a large valley to build at the bottom of it very nicely done with curves I will be hosting it in my server as well and plese look into the mods con and crazy con

Moonshine by DSEZKiller on November 10, 2003

Other Other Clear Client Side Night

This map takes place on the moon 300 years after the Bioderms have over taken Earth. This is the human’s last hope to regain any land at all. Navigate your tribe and take back the moon and your home planet. Special thanks goes out to the people at Tribalwar for map name ideas. Thanks to Sambuca for the map name. I hope you guys like this map. It’s been awhile I hope I still got something. See you guys later. ----DSEZ

Weazels World by Sun Quan on November 9, 2003

Other Desert Clear

A neat little map i made for my friend Crazel Weazel, the buildings are in a configration to look like an airbase. Once again this map was ment for Construction but i forgot screenshots O. so.. yea..

Cold Shoulder by =/\CE= on November 3, 2003

Deathmatch Other Rabbit Snow Clear

Snow stage with 2 "ref" elf turrets..i think one is a AA cant remember,elf and aa seem to take cause damgage to the flag carriers..makes it more intense rabbit style.