Sun Dried 2 by =/\CE= on November 3, 2003

Deathmatch Other Rabbit Desert Clear

Part 2 of the most popular dm rabbit maps sundried2..mines a lil more wide open and a tad bit obsticles to run around on...plus mine is better:P

*note*:All maps that i have distributed have been tested.

Great Isle by CMDRBOB on October 26, 2003

Other Lush Clear Client Side

Great Isle consists of a lush isle, at dusk, with lakes and mountains, hills and rivers. This is not my first map, just my first one uploaded on Tribes2maps.com. Made Specifically for construction, because there is only one team. I call it my "Homeworld," but to each thier own eh? Anyways, I make maps for construction, and if you want to get more construction maps, go to my site at www.ccmaps.tk for more unique construction maps.

Flatland Plateau by Riavan on October 25, 2003

Other Volcanic Clear

Since Flatland canyon was so successful. Maybe not in downloads, but seeing a few construction servers full with players because it was server side was good. So I went ahead and made 2 more construction maps, I dont think Ill make any more unless someone asks me.

Anyway without further adu...


Flatland Canyon by Riavan on October 19, 2003

Other Lush Clear

This is probably the first real flatland serverside map in tribes2. I made this for Xenoc and his construction server, but everyone is free to use it.

If you want to use this map for your own purposes, please contact me first at damned_to_be_free@hotmail.com(I will let you, but I'm always interested as to what people are up too)


SWORD-8 Fun Construct by SWORD-8 on October 12, 2003

Other Other Storming Client Side

Very fun.. a must play!!
It took me quite a few trys to get it to look this good or even just to find the .(blah blah blahs) Anyways if you don't download this then you must be a loser, because this will raise to the top when it comes to construction map favorites. The sky moves at like moch 3 LOL 8v) and it gets addrinaline pumping, guanranteed to all those who like the need for speed and a bunch of Guarnteed no strike lightning strikes. Anyways i did write my name on the map so check it out..

Flatland Race by crusher 105 on October 12, 2003

Other Race Desert Foggy Client Side

This map is a simple and short race track created by the author [me] and agian its simple and short. THIS map is a modification from Jack Tl's Flatland. if you do not already have flatland.ter the file is included in the .vl2 (take note that this track is possible).

Astroid Field by CKarl on September 18, 2003

Other Other Clear Night

Ever wanted to build in space but you didn't fell like it/you don't know how to do it? Well I did it for you!

(Works best with Quantium 2.3, quantium.cjb.net)Just 'setgravity(0);' in the console, grab your grapling hook and start having some space building fun!