Ascension by skullbearer on October 4, 2003

Siege Lush Raining

This map is a unique make using the hillside.ter file for terrain. The Offense starts at bases located where the Hillside Vehicle bays used to be, and they have 2 immobile mpb's and 2-3 invs at each base as well as a repair pack. The offense attacks the Defense base and tower, located at the center of the valley, and has to destroy 5 generators. The 4 generators within the base are unrepairable, and the 5th, in the tower, can be repaired but is very easily destroyed once the first 4 are dead.

Deadmarshes by kLUMSY bOT on October 2, 2003

Bounty Deathmatch Hunters Rabbit Team Hunters Lush Raining Bots Client Side Custom Shapes Night

Deadmarshes is the 3rd map I've created. I is a very fast and evil map, on an open plain with water everywhere.

A tower in the middle (sorry Nefilim!) is the hub of the map, although there are weapon and health caches around the perimiter.

I have an interesting new way around those annoying OOBers. Previously, lightning made sure that no-one ventured beyond boundaries, but now, I've made a better, non-violent way to keep players in...

*Its just not the same!

Diablo2Act1 by Ensign Munro on August 19, 2003

Siege Lush Raining Night

Well, it seems that i was having a little trouble making the rest of the acts. So, i figure, i might as well post this one while i have the chance, before I delete it.

Diablo is a registered trademark of Blizzard Entertainment and Blizzard Entertainment is a trademark of Vivendi Universal.
(Have to get the legal stuff in before posting)

ATTACKERS: You spawn in the "Rouge Encampment", and work your way throught 5 different areas. The generators are in powerpits (from Trident).

Arskus by jbn3 on July 18, 2003

Capture the Flag Lush Raining Client Side Custom Shapes

Arskus is a map that is extremely fast paced and unique. The flag lies in the middle of a "U"-shaped tunnel. There are no generators, or vehicle stations, and the bases a extremely close together. The turrets have no barrel's mounted on them yet. Anyways, this is my first map, so I hope you all enjoy! (All comments are welcome, good or bad).

Raindance Beyond by Q-Ice on July 16, 2003

Capture the Flag Lush Raining


Raindance Beyond: An Overview.
This map was created based off of an old Tribes 1 map, with the same title.
This map has 2 bases compiled of similar bases that the T1 map was made of,
the central airbase has been modified from the original, at first there were
two, designed similar to the one I constructed, I have since then updated it
to work better with T2. The rest of the designs are similar to the T1 map
with the exception of the water.

Caligo by Celios on June 10, 2003

Siege Other Raining Night

Caligo is my newest Siege map which I have taken many weeks to prepare. It is set in a dark and rainy environment with a distinctly original mood. A lot of attention has been paid to making everything as perfect gameplay-wise and mood-wise as possible. <P> The Offence starts in a centrally located bunker. From there, they must ski to the West Tower and East Base to take out the Generators there. Both of these generators must be down simultaneously to allow the Offence to cap. Once a Generator goes down, the Defence stops spawning there until that Generator is repaired.

Nefasturris by The Driver on April 25, 2003

Capture the Flag Lush Raining Client Side Custom Shapes

Inspired by the Minotaur style of play.
Each team has a bunker with forcefields covering the entrances.
One team's flag lies inside at the bottom of the center tower while the other team's flag sits exposed right at the top.
The real challenge for both teams on this map is climbing the tower under fire from the enemy and in my opinion, demands very different styles of tactics depending on which team you play.

Watery Hills by Uncle Bob on April 23, 2003

Capture the Flag Lush Raining

Hello. hmmmm, what to say about this map. 60\% water, 40\% land. Big bases. 2 CNH base along the front sides. Bases are ust over 900 apart. Lots of places to set up turrets, and the like. It's Server Side. Download it, smile, have fun. Blah blah blah. DOWNLOAD IT!
(if you want) AHHHHH hell I just through it together in under a hour. I do think it will be alot of fun for large groups of people. Remember! Keep SMILELING!!!!! HAHHAHHAAHA

Turbide by Celios on February 24, 2003

Siege Badlands Raining

The attackers spawn at the top of a large and tremendously skiiable hill. They must ski down to the first base and take out the Primary Generator to disable the FFs protecting the North and South Generators. The Primary Generator is rather easy to kill and should be down most of the time.

Disabling the North and South Generators will then allow you to mount an attack on the Main Base as well as disable all the equipment in the first base.