Gunship Battle -Revised- by _Tex on February 20, 2003

Capture the Flag Desert Raining

There were problems reported with my map Gunship Battle. Rather than correct those mistakes and completely throw out a map that was exactly as I wanted it to be *and my personal favorite map of all time* I decided to make a sequel of sorts to said map.

Gunship Battle -Revised- does not have the Force Field scripts that were so notoriously crashing servers. Instead there are in fact no force fields at all on the main bases which eliminated the need for a Force Field Gen tower nearby, so that as well was removed.

Battle Of The Bridge by Anakha on February 9, 2003

Arena Lush Raining Client Side Custom Shapes

Made for 2vs2 Arena.

One main bridge and two support bridge connects the teams for close quarter battle.

ForceFields block the entrances to the building on the bridge.

I made it cause I had to re-learn how to use the T2 editor...

Hope you like it.

Scabrous by Ubernator on February 4, 2003

Capture the Flag Lush Raining

This is my first map, so please be kind. ;)

In this map, I paid special attention to the water level and fog detail. I wanted to create a "wetlands" kind of atmosphere by putting in shallow pockets of water with overlying fog.

I also took note of playability issues. Skiing is difficult due to somewhat flat terrain and the scattered water, so this map will be a challenge for both the flag runner and the teammates supporting him. On the defensive side, the flags are in the open, but they have a wall placed near them that can make certain capping routes difficult.

Bridge_of_Death by Computer5k on February 2, 2003

Arena Other Raining Bots Night

This is the first map I ever made so dont be surprised if it's bad.

I dont know how it will play with a lot of people because i have a firewall so i cant make a server.

Please put it on your server so people can actually see it.

Triad -Condensed- by PsychoBorg on January 25, 2003

Siege Lush Raining Night

This is a huge change from the original Triad map. The major differences are that the bases are much closer together so the action is centered around the control base. The Offensive tower has been removed because it is not needed due to the much closer attackers base. I have fixed the 'skysolidcolor' so that people who have their settings set to no sky would not be annoyed by the bright green. The brighness of the sun has also been upped.

Stonehenge Arena by DSEZKiller on January 20, 2003

Arena Lush Raining

This map was a tribes 1 arena map i made but never released. This was my only tribes 1 map. This map is basically StoneHenge with Arena style play. The many snipe spots and the wide playing area allows great games.Thanks to everyone in Tribes 1 who beta tested it. I dont know the names =/. I hope you guys enjoy this.

Stonehenge Pub by Sage Dest on January 2, 2003

Capture the Flag Lush Raining

Bringing the old style of pub maps to Tribes 2...Make sure that the latest patch is used on both client /server...the map is server side...but uses parts of the map included only in the patch....Enjoy!

Hidden Valley Bases by _Tex on December 18, 2002

Capture the Flag Lush Raining

This map started out as me throwing a bunch of buildings together, but as people would join the server while in the midso of doing so, I decided to go ahead and make it a real map.
The Play testing was fun with this map. We managed to get a shrike and a bomber in the gen room after playing with it long enough. It's a fun map, offense should love it, as should defense, which all around makes it a pretty decent map IMHO.
Enjoy :-)

Red Dawn by Khufu on November 13, 2002

Capture the Flag Other Raining

This map is a good map to practice long range spamming on. The open terrain and high hills provide ideal places to shelling your enemies with mortar. A remote observatory proves useful in resupplying and plays a role in your spamming.

Rollin Thunder by CallMeBrilliant on November 5, 2002

Capture the Flag Lush Raining

My first map, finished it a long time ago but never got around to sumbitting it, too many errors with posting screenshots. So, sorry, none for you, you have to download to see it.

Two bases around 1000 meters apart make vehicles nessassary for quick caps. Each base comes with 5 inventories, 2 generators (one for the flag forcefield one for the base itself), a sentry turret in the main tower, a long range sensor, and a plasma turret. The forcefield gen is in a tower 400 meters from the main base. Each tower has a repair pack.