Client Side

The High Divide by Spartan119 on November 30, 2004

Capture the Flag Other Foggy Client Side

Flags are 800m or so apart. A big mountain divides the 2 teams and it also has an objective on one of its sides.
visible distance is reasonably good, and ground is both grass and snow...

As for the bases, the defense consists of a missle turret a little ways out from the vehicle station, and AA turret is Planted on the frontside of the base, and a plasma turret on the ceiling of the vehicle station 'garage' for some defense in that zone.

BorithniaII by [KeGeN] on October 31, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Client Side

CTF map with a twist!

Just like in t1 there is a neutral base!
With that base there is turrets!
Flip the switch, Now control of the neutral base and its turrets!
Goes to your team!

Thats a big leg up!

Then destroy there solar pannels and gen!
Then capture the flag!

This is a beta version!
Thanks: KeGeN

Gonadie by [KeGeN] on October 31, 2004

Deathmatch Other Rabbit Lush Clear Bots Client Side

This file consists of three versions of the same map!

Gonadie is a huge battle room!
Rabbit games & Deathmatches are held here!

Along with: A bunker world, like: Construction build!

Hope you like! Rabbit and deathmatch are both bot supported! And way fun!

Thanks: KeGeN

The Red X by Spartan119 on October 23, 2004

Capture the Flag Other Clear Bots Client Side Night

Flags very close(less than 400m)
Team bases consist only of a Large sensor and 5 inventory stations. (no buildings) 2 neutral inventory stations are in the middle, one on each side up on a small hill.
No repair packs lying around so the neutral inventories are important if you want to repair your base.
Terrain Layout: The mission area is in a deep pit. the bases are divided by an X shaped hill/barrier that extends to all corners (and is hot lava rock), which divides the mission ariea into 4 zones.

Borithnia by [KeGeN] on October 12, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Clear Client Side

[CTF] with a twist!

Just like in t1,
There is a nutral base,
Supplyed with two hefty turrets.

Flip the switch and its yours!
The nutral base will now be controled by your team as will its turrets!

Thats a big leg up! :)

You will have to destroy there solar pannels and generator to capture the flag! Enjoy!
Map by: KeGeN

Over and Out by Dark_Harlequin on September 21, 2004

Race Volcanic Clear Client Side Night

This map is adapted from one of the best race maps out there - Goliath. Special thanks to Ace for making that in the first place. Most of the track is reused from that map but I put in many track elements that at least double the size of the race course.

This is a map I finished a while ago (second map I ever attempted) but I decided to release in case anyone still plays T2 race occasionally. It is possibly the longest track out there with a total object count just over 750 so I apologize in advance for the long initial lighting time.

The Curtain by HarmlessHam$ter on September 17, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Client Side

Two flags that are 75 meters apart are seperated by a gigantic wall.
Generators protected by forcefields, use of foliage for concealment and good turret placement should help this map to be a fun one to play.
- HarmlessHam$ter