SkySnipes Revenge by DynaBlade81 on July 5, 2003

Capture the Flag Lush Clear

The map is Named SkySnipe's Revenge but the wouldnt let me use "'" in my map name.

This map was madein memory of one of my good friends SkySnipe from Tribes 1, He was the one who influenced me to begin mapping in Tribes 2. Sky Snipe was a Great Tribes 1 Mapper and made some amazing maps and also helped create a popular mod by the name of RED-DAWN.

The Map is CTF Only. It takes 8 Caps for your team to win the game. The Map is 80\% Bouncey Fun Water as well as 20\% land and bases. The Bases are Extremely Big but not at all complicated.

TimmysArenaOfPain by DynaBlade81 on July 5, 2003

Arena Lush Foggy

This is a One of a kind map. Some of you people who are familiar with drugs and acid may like this map a little too much. The Yellow sky, Blue fog and pink Red and yellow rain should add some high feeling as well as that water that seems to make you bounce!!!! :O Wow your high now!

Delirium by PsychoBorg on July 4, 2003

Siege Lush Clear

Back again with another map.

This map, leans more toward outdoor combat by placing the generators in open places and a providing quick way to get to the action.

As the attackers, the map is set up like this:
There are 3 generators, all of which must be down to capture the base.
The first is inside an open tower next to a small defensive bunker, the second is on a platform hanging off the cliff, its height makes it difficult for the offense to get to so the best bet is to take it out with a few mortars.
The last generator is in a bunker near the center of the map.

KittyKatsArena by DynaBlade81 on July 1, 2003

Arena Lush Clear

I Made this map because i couldnt stop thinking about KK today. It almost brought a tear to my eye! So I made a quick map to release some of my stress. RIP KK, We miss ya a tone!

Two Floored Madness by Drumstix42 on June 30, 2003

Arena Lush Clear Bots

Here comes another one of my Arena maps! w00t. Lol. Anyhow, this map is a narrow, medium size map, connected by a bridge, and 2nd floor in the middle leaded to by sets of stairs. It's a nice clear map, and has ammo/repair kits spread through to keep the battle going. Bots work well on this map. A good map for few or many players. Enjoy! Thank you Tribes2Maps for being a great host as always.

RockinArena by DynaBlade81 on June 29, 2003

Arena Lush Clear

A small Arena map with 2 bunkers for each team. Each bunker contains 3 inventorys and a Snipers Spy Hole for your teams use! On the Battle field there are many things to use to your advantage like a bridge crossing through the middle of the map and many rocks and platforms! Beware for this map Rocks!

Coppice by Jambon on June 27, 2003

Capture and Hold Lush Clear

A lot of people have complained about a lack of CnH maps in the past, so I'm here to remedy that however I can.

This map is fairly simple- 4 towers, one in each corner, and a bunker in the middle. I couldn't figure out how to prevent inventories from being usable before they're captured, so I left it in and called it a feature. :P