Cold Front by Lagg_Alot on July 7, 2004

Siege Snow Snowing Bots Night

Make no mistake about it; Cold Front is an all out war. The offense team has all vehicles and use of the MPB Teleporter available to them. The Defense has a Large well defended base, and that is a liability. The base is so large that it is almost impossible to stop the attackers from getting inside as the Entrance Force Field Generators are positioned outdoors. If the attackers do manage to get inside the defender’s base they will have no problem finding equipment to destroy.

Slush by Cinderkarst on May 18, 2004

Capture the Flag Snow Clear Client Side Custom Shapes

From the Read Me file...
This map is all about speed and hardcore Classic CTF gameplay. There are no gens to bring down, no turrets to destroy. Just 16 inventories, 4 Shrikes, 2 bombers, and 1 flag for each team. This map can be played 7v7 to 20v20 and still be a blast.

The building is a custom make, with a large open middle area for dueling with heavies and other attackers into the base proper. On top of each base there's a vehicle station and a repair pack. Distance flag-to-flag is somewhere near 800m, but the map can play a whole lot "closer" than that.

Mastarena by [KeGeN] on April 5, 2004

Arena Bounty Deathmatch Single Player Snow Clear Bots Client Side

Long ago: The Masters built this arena! for all the best fighters to battle in!
Much blood has and been spilled here!~
Many have died trying to prove there worth!
Many have killed showing us theres!
Are you worthy? Its all or nothing! So lets find out!
Thought; I had a moment ago!
~Quietly pondering death when it hits you!~
~Right upside the head!~
Map By:Tribes[Master]KeGeN~

No Quarter by Lagg_Alot on March 27, 2004

Siege Snow Snowing Bots

Here is a little Siege map that incorporates a few extras that make this a relentless onslaught of incoming hostiles. The Sentry Tower hosts a Spawn and Inventories that if captured by Offense could turn the whole mission into a short order. Defensive Base access is hindered by Entrance as well as Inner Base Force Fields, making it difficult for the attackers to get at the Objective Force Field Generator. The attackers have multiple Deployed MPBs to launch their Siege from all sides. This mission comes with modified Bot support that will not disappoint even the best Tribes 2 players.

Wizard Chess by MageMod on January 2, 2004

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing

Dear Player,

Wizard Chess (CTF) is the eighth map created by myself, |CHAOS MAGE| (AKA- MageMod).

The terrain is from 'Thin Ice' so the ground is ice, with a nice sky from the 'Surreal' map. Each base is approximately 500m apart. It is snowing lightly.

The bases consist of eight (8) Diamond Sword towers hovering right above water. Two towers contain generators that control the entire base's inventory stations, turrets, sensors, and "boost gates". The "boost gates" are also powered by solar panels (one for each "gate"). The flags are out in the open, but separated by floating platforms.

DM AREA by Cheesed-Off on December 23, 2003

Deathmatch Snow Clear

This map is the terain of white out one of the included maps in t2 i used this terain becuase it was going to be the best for dm thats why it was but i added invs and buildings after clearing the map and leaveing only the spawn points and the observer points this map is a basic map its not something super so dont get your hopes up the screen shots were taken in a 1024x486 size so they might look funney when u look at them also this is client side and becareful of the trap inv it catches all the big armors.

Half Pipe by dr boom on December 14, 2003

Capture the Flag Snow Clear Bots Client Side Custom Shapes

I didn't intend to make a map this weekend but here it map I have made i all just fell together...Flags are approx. 750m apart. Teams start out high in their bases, terrain has a central half pipe, there are plenty of other ski routes though with a few emptying into the pipe. Turret placement lends itself to classic play, but base will be fine. /me goes to bed now :)