AbeyanceEWo by zigmanzeta7 on February 8, 2007

Capture the Flag Lush Clear

This is a revision of the Abeyance map. I have added flag bunkers, always powered inventory stations and forcefields to protect the Vpads. The main bases have 6 generators each, seperated by an always powered team only forcefield. The midfield capturable has control of 10 turrets to make keeping the midfield important. The midfield bunker has two all teams forcefields powered by the generators in the north and south towers. The object of the map is to induce fighting, constant fighting, with capping, and base rape. But the map is also designed to ensure that if the base is raped, it can be regained by it's team, so that one team does not own the enemy base the whole game. I want chaos, constant fighting with ups and downs on offense and defense, a war that takes all each player has to win. Teamwork is the name of the game in AbeyanceEWo.