Clarity by KoDaK Moments on July 14, 2005

Arena Lush Clear

Clarity takes place in an open area with a ton of visibility, hence the name.

Each team starts in a TR2-style base, where they can gear up and head out. Both bases are placed on a large hill so the players can ski down into the open easily.

On one side, there are grassy hills and both team's bases. On the other is a flat area with health kits and towers.

Watery Grave by Red Shifter on September 17, 2004

Arena Deathmatch Other Clear Night

Watery Grave is the sequel to Watery Death, a map that made many Arena players fear splash damage in ways that one would never imagine.

You know how this works: your equipment is given to you upon spawn via your favorites. You cannot use any armor besides the default Light. Shoot the center of any of the 64 tiles, and it will disappear for a few seconds. Anyone can fall into the gap created by the disappearing platforms, and fall to their doom - to which you get credit for the kill!

In Deathmatch, you launch into the air upon respawn.

Mastarena by [KeGeN] on April 5, 2004

Arena Bounty Deathmatch Single Player Snow Clear Bots Client Side

Long ago: The Masters built this arena! for all the best fighters to battle in!
Much blood has and been spilled here!~
Many have died trying to prove there worth!
Many have killed showing us theres!
Are you worthy? Its all or nothing! So lets find out!
Thought; I had a moment ago!
~Quietly pondering death when it hits you!~
~Right upside the head!~
Map By:Tribes[Master]KeGeN~

Water Base by Shizzle on January 17, 2004

Arena Other Clear Bots Client Side

This map is a remake of "Beggers Run".............
So theres Lightning(added)
new terrian(added)
turrets on each side to prevent people from comming to kill you when your Afk

Formarena by DSEZKiller on January 12, 2004

Arena Other Clear Night

This map takes place on a oil rig in the middle of the ocean. Be careful and do not fall off or you might become fish food or drowned. most of the fighting will take place on the main plat for or the top of the platform. Below the plat form is a work of underwater pipes that make it easy to sneak around or snipe out of. Health packs are located in the center on the map on the floating platform. Thanks to all the wears,FormalWear,NightWear,Vince, Quetzal and everyone else who helped with the map.

Disposarena by Dioxide^ on January 3, 2004

Arena Lush Clear

This is a map that has plainland (not much skiing) and also has various obstacles. It's sweet and im satisfied as it is my first map.