_The Sandbox by Spartan119 on February 9, 2007

Capture the Flag Desert Clear

Inspired by "The Sandbox" level from Army Men: Sarges Heroes (N64)

Pretty much 4 big castles, and the mission area is contained by huge walls. (See screenshots for layout of things)

the main bases are identical, and the terrain is almost identical. the Neutral castles are similar to each other, each having 2 inventories for all to use. the objective is in the middle, Two invincible turrets to help control the middle map area. There are 2 entries an almost dugout style gen room, and the main castles have 3 entry ways, the main door, back door, and the open side...

Sahara by KoDaK Moments on June 20, 2006

Capture the Flag Desert Clear

Two teams fight for survival as the planet they're stranded on has no resources left. Having to depend on the energy of the sun, the two tribes have setup bases dependant on one objective.

The oil depot. In the center of the map lies a completely functional underground base with full generator power, inventory stations, and a vehicle station. It's a major asset and is key to any victory.

Beside that, two outposts are located in front of both bases, and provides an inventory station along with a solar panel that powers that team's flag forcefield.

Pitv1 by Nuron on May 24, 2006

Capture the Flag Desert Clear

Smallish map flags 600m away from eachother. 2 invetory stations located 1 in each base in blown view of map so it can be easily located by snipers as its right up in a tower.

Agorazscium by Spartan119 on October 16, 2005

Capture the Flag Desert Foggy

Flags are atop pyramids which have a plasma turret and a sensor.

Base Generators are located in the top half of the base building w/inventories while the lower has Inventories as well as a deployable inventory in the mid section..

VPads are out in the open with a little cover from an AA turret placed on the Main base building..

Flags around 1000m apart

about 400m from each bas is a small ruin useable for sniper cover or a small deployed base..

Objectives are bridged to the middle hill, each having a Turret or two as well as inventories..

Pretty desolate, not a whole lot of p

Flatland Reborn by Blnukem on August 28, 2005

Other Desert Clear Client Side

The new flatland canyon is awsome with an oasis,Main and Secondary base, and... a tatoo and a super computer!?!?

The Terrian is better theres more invintory stations and repairpack throughout the map(For Destroyed stuff, DuH!)its got everything, the oasis rock also...

Sacred by KoDaK Moments on July 20, 2005

Capture the Flag Desert Clear

The Phoenix tribe built a sacred tomb for one their greatest leaders. For centuries, they have defended the land surrounding and the tomb itself.

A defense system was built so that only the team that has the tomb under their control may cap the flags. Of course, the enemies may still enter through either of the two doors, but the many turrets will cut them down in seconds.

The control switch floats above the tomb on a platform, with two AA turrets on each side.

The Forcefields defending the flags insde can be passed through if that player's team controls the tomb.

Dune Sea by starstriker1 on April 8, 2005

Capture the Flag Other Desert Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Well, would you look at that? Its finally done. Put the last tweaks in today after a long negligence of anything tribes related.

This, people, is a map-mod. I can't take credit for doing it first, but I'm proud of it none-the-less. You may not use these scripts in a map of your own without my explicit permission. I'll try to check my PMs on this site.

Now, heres what the map is like. No inventory stations, people, just one huge, well-stocked armoury. There are hundreds of objects scattered around the map in what I HOPE is a convenient setup.

Aztec Temple by Lagg_Alot on April 1, 2005

Siege Desert Clear Bots

This mission starts as an outdoor onslaught of incoming vehicles. If the offense manages to Claim the outdoor Altar Switch and Spawn it could turn the tide of the battle to a fast paced indoor war for the 14 generators that power the Base and the Objective Switch Force Field.

The Defense has the advantage of a lot of inventory stations and the high ground.
The offense has the advantage of all vehicles as well as the MPB Teleporter.

The capturable Altar hosts a set of Sparky's Teleporters that allow quick access into the large fortification.