Forsaken Isle by Drummer 90 on February 10, 2007

Capture the Flag Other Storming Night

Welcome to Hell =)

After finally getting off my ass, working out the bugs, and cleaning it up, I can now present you with my first fully complete and playable map, and I glad to say that I'm perfectly happy with it.

The map consists of island surrounded by lava, with two clusters of bases about 1200 meters apart.

Watery Siege by Red Shifter on December 18, 2005

Siege Other Foggy Night

You really thought you were rid of me? The greatest mapper ever? The Red Shifter? NEVER!

Watery Siege is an extension of Watery Death. Instead of just going around and shooting at enemies, you actually play around an objective! And there's movable turrets too!

Offense: Your goal is to claim the switch. It's just sitting there, but it's not as easy as it looks. You must hold it for 3 minutes in order to make the capture. If you're having problems with the enemy turrets, try knocking them back to a less lethal position.

Defense: The offense is coming for your switch.

VolcanOasis by Wipeout on May 6, 2005

Siege Other Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

On this map the attackers start in the moutains. They must go into the oasis and destroy the generator in a base inside a Volcano. At first there is only one way into the Volcano base and that is threw the top of the volcano. At the top of the volcano there is a gen that the attacking team can repair so that will spawn a landing pad so that the drop into the base wont do damage to them. Once inside there are 2 gens to destroy one that powers the force fields to the front entrances and one that protects the switch. The gen that protects switch cannot be repaired.

KatabaticSpring by Wichita on April 2, 2005

Capture the Flag Other Snowing Bots

A freak slushy thaw in the form of a solar anomaly has revealed underlying rock and sand on the perenial favorite map Katabatic.
Though the planet is quickly refreezing Starwolf has taken advantage of the mild weather to build a map center wall and monument and added a nice flagcap complicating plank to their main base.
Not be outdone the Bloodeagle have installed this same architecture over their flag and make continual strenuous efforts to bleed while soaring like eagles....errr they try and capture the monument wall.

The High Divide by Spartan119 on November 30, 2004

Capture the Flag Other Foggy Client Side

Flags are 800m or so apart. A big mountain divides the 2 teams and it also has an objective on one of its sides.
visible distance is reasonably good, and ground is both grass and snow...

As for the bases, the defense consists of a missle turret a little ways out from the vehicle station, and AA turret is Planted on the frontside of the base, and a plasma turret on the ceiling of the vehicle station 'garage' for some defense in that zone.

The Red X by Spartan119 on October 23, 2004

Capture the Flag Other Clear Bots Client Side Night

Flags very close(less than 400m)
Team bases consist only of a Large sensor and 5 inventory stations. (no buildings) 2 neutral inventory stations are in the middle, one on each side up on a small hill.
No repair packs lying around so the neutral inventories are important if you want to repair your base.
Terrain Layout: The mission area is in a deep pit. the bases are divided by an X shaped hill/barrier that extends to all corners (and is hot lava rock), which divides the mission ariea into 4 zones.

Watery Grave by Red Shifter on September 17, 2004

Arena Deathmatch Other Clear Night

Watery Grave is the sequel to Watery Death, a map that made many Arena players fear splash damage in ways that one would never imagine.

You know how this works: your equipment is given to you upon spawn via your favorites. You cannot use any armor besides the default Light. Shoot the center of any of the 64 tiles, and it will disappear for a few seconds. Anyone can fall into the gap created by the disappearing platforms, and fall to their doom - to which you get credit for the kill!

In Deathmatch, you launch into the air upon respawn.

Death Oasis by =/\CE= on June 28, 2004

Deathmatch Other Other Clear

Mainly geared toward lakrabbit..one of my prettiest lak maps.Have fun and enjoy,weapon caches are around to aid ammo and health patches and kits too.