Cone of Cold by Ensign Munro on January 19, 2007

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing

Well, I guess I will start out with a little description, since that is standard, still...I hope...well...Let's get started!

I got the map name from a spell in World of Warcraft. Quite a good one, I might add. But, I digress. I used the Katabatic terrain and filled in the holes, as well as add a few for the large underground base used in a siege map (I cannot remember the name for the life of me, but it is the same base as the one used in the map "Containment").

KatabaticSpring by Wichita on April 2, 2005

Capture the Flag Other Snowing Bots

A freak slushy thaw in the form of a solar anomaly has revealed underlying rock and sand on the perenial favorite map Katabatic.
Though the planet is quickly refreezing Starwolf has taken advantage of the mild weather to build a map center wall and monument and added a nice flagcap complicating plank to their main base.
Not be outdone the Bloodeagle have installed this same architecture over their flag and make continual strenuous efforts to bleed while soaring like eagles....errr they try and capture the monument wall.

Stranglehold by Lagg_Alot on August 31, 2004

Siege Snow Snowing Bots

Stranglehold is a small fast paced Siege map that will keep the action going. Offense has a Vehicle Station and MPB Teleporter that will help to keep the pressure on. Defense has a Vehicle Pad that only allows Shrikes. The Main Objective is housed in a Bunker that is quite difficult to defend. The Main base houses the Generators that power the Objective Force Field. The Bunker Gens have to be disabled in order to access the Main Base. Not to hard to figure out. This map include the my Advanced Bot files for all those Bot lovers out there.

Cold Front by Lagg_Alot on July 7, 2004

Siege Snow Snowing Bots Night

Make no mistake about it; Cold Front is an all out war. The offense team has all vehicles and use of the MPB Teleporter available to them. The Defense has a Large well defended base, and that is a liability. The base is so large that it is almost impossible to stop the attackers from getting inside as the Entrance Force Field Generators are positioned outdoors. If the attackers do manage to get inside the defender’s base they will have no problem finding equipment to destroy.

No Quarter by Lagg_Alot on March 27, 2004

Siege Snow Snowing Bots

Here is a little Siege map that incorporates a few extras that make this a relentless onslaught of incoming hostiles. The Sentry Tower hosts a Spawn and Inventories that if captured by Offense could turn the whole mission into a short order. Defensive Base access is hindered by Entrance as well as Inner Base Force Fields, making it difficult for the attackers to get at the Objective Force Field Generator. The attackers have multiple Deployed MPBs to launch their Siege from all sides. This mission comes with modified Bot support that will not disappoint even the best Tribes 2 players.

Wizard Chess by MageMod on January 2, 2004

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing

Dear Player,

Wizard Chess (CTF) is the eighth map created by myself, |CHAOS MAGE| (AKA- MageMod).

The terrain is from 'Thin Ice' so the ground is ice, with a nice sky from the 'Surreal' map. Each base is approximately 500m apart. It is snowing lightly.

The bases consist of eight (8) Diamond Sword towers hovering right above water. Two towers contain generators that control the entire base's inventory stations, turrets, sensors, and "boost gates". The "boost gates" are also powered by solar panels (one for each "gate"). The flags are out in the open, but separated by floating platforms.

Embers by The Driver on September 4, 2003

Capture the Flag Desert Snowing Client Side

The original terrain and base layout by Chano. The "snowing" ash was also done by Chano.
I added a few things to the map to balance it, fixed a spawnsphere bug problem that Chano was having and deleted some unnessecary items to tidy up the overal look of the map.

Each team's flag is located in a shallow crater, defended by an ELF turret that will almost certainly need to be destroyed for a successful cap.
The main generators are located inside a small tower that has been converted into a bunker. The repair pack is also inside this bunker/tower.