Cataclysm_Wo by Wipeout on February 6, 2007

Capture the Flag Volcanic Clear

Cataclysm; Big map 1200m

You spawn by an Unasigned Flag you use havocs to take flag to your teams flag, While avoiding AA, Missile Turrets all along the cieling, and enemy havocs.


Over and Out by Dark_Harlequin on September 21, 2004

Race Volcanic Clear Client Side Night

This map is adapted from one of the best race maps out there - Goliath. Special thanks to Ace for making that in the first place. Most of the track is reused from that map but I put in many track elements that at least double the size of the race course.

This is a map I finished a while ago (second map I ever attempted) but I decided to release in case anyone still plays T2 race occasionally. It is possibly the longest track out there with a total object count just over 750 so I apologize in advance for the long initial lighting time.

Ashen Powder by Cinderkarst on August 14, 2004

Capture the Flag Volcanic Foggy Client Side Custom Shapes

Here is the final map of the xC map pack, finally. :)

Ashen Powder is based on an old post by Evil Napkin as well as a mission in the Playstation game Warhawk.

The battleground is about 1000km away from a massive volcanic eruption site. The explosion of the cinder cone has covered the ground in a dense cloud of dust and debris. Even now, bombs and ash still fall from the sky. Within this choking fog, two teams battle it out the only way they know how.

The flags stand over 850m apart, on the "lip" of each team's base.

Treacherous Intentions by Ubernator on August 8, 2004

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Volcanic Clear Night

Shi Draconis Alpha has been freed from the Horde invasion, but a splinter group of the Pact threatens the Diamond Sword's hold on the planet. Only a showdown over the periphery tower can determine who will control Shi Draconis Alpha after the war.

I have put a lot of time and effort into Treacherous Intentions, in every aspect I can think of in a server-side map. For some time, I had the idea of creating an epic battle on the 5th training mission terrain and creating a very playable "lava" type map.

This map features the famous periphery tower as a capturable objective.

Fumarole by Lagg_Alot on June 30, 2004

Siege Volcanic Foggy Bots Night

This Siege mission has 3 Solar Panels to gain access to the Defender’s Base. Two Main Generators as well as one Reserve Generator exposes the Switch. The Defenders are going to have to work hard in this mission. The Solar Panels power separately the Entrance Inventory Stations and their Force Fields. Spawns are linked to the Main Generators causing the Defenders to only Spawn Outside if they are down . The Reserve Generator is deep in the cellar and well Defended, it powers 2 Inventory Stations and a Sentry Turret. It will not be easy to Defended the Objective Switch if it is exposed.

Flatland Firestorm by =SA=BlackFenix on June 3, 2004

Other Volcanic Clear Client Side

Made For =Soul Assassins= (=SA=) Tribe

Includes Vehicle Pad And Inventory Stations

You Build On (Or In) Lava.

I Tested This Map Online With About 2-3 People


I Thought It Was Time For A New Breed O Construction Maps I WAs Sick Of The Construction Maps That Were A Modded Flatland With Just Some Different Textures And Some Random Interiors *Cough* Weazels World/Flatland Tunnel *Cough*

Edit Out What You Don't Like. (Waves, Lightning ,Water Level

River Styx by Cinderkarst on May 30, 2004

Capture the Flag Volcanic Foggy Client Side Custom Shapes Night

River Styx is, essentially, a remake of |HV|_Tex's "A River Runs Through It". Many balance issues were recognized when this saw play in the Blood Eagle Mini League, and this map seeks to correct them while being unique in its own right. The premise of the map (dead warriors fighting it out in Purgatory) has probably been done before, but I can guarantee in not as bombastic (or screwed up, depending on who you ask) a fashion.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of, uh, "wholesome" activities going on in the mission.

A big thanks to Mercen4ry for the idea of the screaming souls. :D

Gunship Fun by a_monkey on May 27, 2004

Capture the Flag Volcanic Foggy

A few months ago, at the hvrev forums at houstonvehicles.com, i suggested that a giant lava map with only transports available for creation should be made in order to teach the long forgotten art of cooperation. and noone made it... so i decided to give it a try.

basically, there are 2 platforms about 2200m away from each other, separated by a large expanse of lava. there are small spires of rock here and there, but not enough to get to the other side by jetpack (or in revmod2, boosting).