Aztec Temple by Lagg_Alot on April 1, 2005

Siege Desert Clear Bots

This mission starts as an outdoor onslaught of incoming vehicles. If the offense manages to Claim the outdoor Altar Switch and Spawn it could turn the tide of the battle to a fast paced indoor war for the 14 generators that power the Base and the Objective Switch Force Field.

The Defense has the advantage of a lot of inventory stations and the high ground.
The offense has the advantage of all vehicles as well as the MPB Teleporter.

The capturable Altar hosts a set of Sparky's Teleporters that allow quick access into the large fortification. The best way for Defense to keep the enemy out of their base is to hold the outdoor Altar and keep the entrance force field Solar Panels up at all costs.

If the offense does manage to make it inside the base, it would be a good idea to bring an inventory station. In fact you may need to bring a couple of them, as this base is huge.

Custom Bots included as always - Lagg...

(Note: lowering the number of Bots can
improve performance on low end machines)


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by Sfphinx on April 1, 2005 · Rating:

This map is interesting in the fact that there are about a dozen generators to destroy to get to the switch. But it will make for interesting play that is for sure. I liked it!

Sfphinx and Admin
"All your maps are belong to me!"

by starstriker1 on April 8, 2005 · Rating:

Seeing your latest bots ALONE is worth the download. Its a very well made map. The flow is interesting and fun. And your bots rule.