Battlegrounds by Black JAGUAR on July 11, 2004

Other Lush Clear Client Side Custom Textures

Battlegrounds Map Pack!
The bases are either at the east or west depending which team you are on. This style of game is my friends and mine own idea.. it's just plain battle.. no ctf, no capture and hold.. just killing each other. You will find this mission file under the game type, "Battle".

This is basically just for a little fun, it may not look great or have any turrets etc.. but this is how I play, for fun, and I like to duel. If you have any requests for game types, see below \|/!

Any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions, complaints etc.. e-mail them to [email protected] with a subject heading of "Map Feedback". This will prevent them from being filtered out by junk mail. Thankyou.

Map by:
~Black JAGUAR~


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by starstriker1 on July 13, 2004 · Rating:

Some of those interiors are from other peoples maps... I know for SURE that desert building on the left is. Do you have permission from the authors?

by Black JAGUAR on July 14, 2004 · Rating:

I really did not know that.. i'm very sorry. Do you know who the authors are? I just saw them in the thing and put them in for more obstructions.