Cone of Cold by Ensign Munro on January 19, 2007

Capture the Flag Snow Snowing

Well, I guess I will start out with a little description, since that is standard, still...I hope...well...Let's get started!

I got the map name from a spell in World of Warcraft. Quite a good one, I might add. But, I digress. I used the Katabatic terrain and filled in the holes, as well as add a few for the large underground base used in a siege map (I cannot remember the name for the life of me, but it is the same base as the one used in the map "Containment"). This base, along with 2 spider towers on the same hills where the original towers were, one of the original towers on the ground, a bridge connecting the 2 spider towers, and a hovering platform make up the Trading Station.

Each team's base consists of 1 main structure, a vehicle pad, and 2 sentry towers. The spawnspheres can spawn a player at either of the 2 sentry towers, or at the main base itself. The main base has 5 forcefields: 2 greens on the top-front entrances, 2 blues along the side entrances, and 1 long blue covering the back windows. The forcefield generator is located in the small room right in front of the player when they enter through the ground entrance. The main generator is located in the room above the FF generator. Taking out the FF generator will allow easier access to the main generator.

Big thanks to Sfphinx for keeping the site going so that I can fill it up with my continuous stream of non-sense. :-)

Enjoy the map, and please leave comments! Thank you! :-)