Convoy -Final Assault- by alingis on March 25, 2005

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Final version of the Convoy series.

This map plays as a new gametype. The goal:

Defense: Drive and protect the convoys (MPBs) across the treacherous terrain to reach the other side of the zone. Score +1 for each convoy that arrives safely.

Offense: Destroy all 4 convoys to clear the forcefields protecting the switch, then cap. +1 point for fastest cap.

As always, thanks to all the Tribes fans, past and present, who have made this an enjoyable community to participate in.

Special thanks to:

- A Tiny Fishie, for helping out with testing and debugging the map, and helping to sustain the siege community.

- Sfphinx for taking up the reigns and keeping this site alive.

- My fellow Wookiees and the regulars on the pond for some of the best multiplayer gaming anyone could wish for.


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by Red Shifter on March 26, 2005 · Rating:

This... is the most amazing map ever made. It plays well, if the teams understand it. So why not an A+? Because I hate the modifications to the shrike. It's almost impossible to drive under most configurations due to its incredibly high sensitivity.

Red Shifter - The Legendary Cynic of Siege

by dick longfellow on April 16, 2005 · Rating:

This map causes UE's whenever I try to load tribes 2 with a mod (Im not playing the map with another mod, I get UE's when trying to load any map with this mod). You must not have packaged all of your scripts correctly.