Crush Depth by Mercen4ry on October 20, 2001

Bounty Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Deathmatch Hunters Rabbit Siege Team Hunters Lush Foggy

Mission Debriefing:

Welcome to the Aquatica undersea complex. We reviewed your recommendations, and it seems you fit our certifications quite well... Before we send you down to the complex, let me give you a quick tour (the boss turns on a holoprojector in front of you, pointing toward the side closest to him). These are your living quarters. Set to our finest specifications, this area includes 5 entrances (1 leads to the botanic section, 2 passages lead to the science R&D complex, and 2 more balconies should you feel the need to take a stroll...). When the time comes, you will be sent to R&D for a quick survey. And remember, DON'T EVER tamper with the irrigation system or it's reclaimation process, as this can result in the total and utter end of you and your colleagues. Should something happen to this, however, a minisub can be used to access the surface from the two complex vehicle bays.

Mission Profiles:

CTF: The facility forcefields have ruptured, and the pressure is causing the irrigation systems to malfunction. As water pours in, it will become harder and harder to cap the flag. However, once the facility is fully flooded the Forcefields may go down completely, allowing access to the Sub Bays and outside. 8 Caps to win.

Team Hunters: Same briefing as CTF, except on a kill-or-be-killed basis.

Siege: As Covert Ops, your mission is to destroy the underwater facility, crippling our enemies, by destroying a key irrigation system Generator. Once the facility has been compromised, you and your colleagues must then take over the floating docks above so we can commence air retrieval. Feel free to tap the security net if you must.* OR As the science team, hold the above positions until we can send in reinforcements to help you.

Hunters, Deathmatch, Bounty, Rabbit: As a spy, your sole purpose is to get rid of everyone as best as you can. It seems that a typical festive gathering makes the perfect oportunity.... (For hunters, there are hidden Flag caches. Feel free to explore);(For Rabbit, the flag is located at the other end of the complex. Don't be fooled by the dummy Flag Base)

CnH: As Covert Ops, you and your team must take the facility and hold it for as long as possible until our force mobilize. 2400 points takes the win.

On a side note, if you have just skipped down, please read the above info. :)


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by Deathscythe~40 on October 22, 2001 · Rating:

downloading now...i already know its awesome cus i played the beta.../me says "your welcome" to Mercen4ry for the siege gen idea :D ...good work man

by Mercen4ry on October 21, 2001 · Rating:

It was, and still is (thankfully). Big thanks to t-b0n3, Dev, and Scuba for that Patience script, which I had to twist toward my purposes. Without it I would probably be "dead in the water" :).

by Mercen4ry on October 20, 2001 · Rating:

Grrr @ 2500 word limit. I couldn't mention above, but the Siege aspect is a seperate .mis file, and as such DOES NOT play like CTF (for the most part anyway :) And also added in there are pre-placed mines and Cameras, so if you're on D, be ready to blast any suspicious items. (hint: there's one in the main base gens room). Have fun, and submit any comments/errors I made here.

by Mercen4ry on October 22, 2001 · Rating:

Sounds good Dev, since I can't code for my life. :) I'm sorry it's not very commented on, but I will assume you know most of the functions as this was originally your code from Polar Dip. Have fun.

by Mercen4ry on October 22, 2001 · Rating:

And DNA, I would have mentioned this earlier except that I didn't notice your post. Due to odd glitches with the 'Missiontypeslist = "CTF";' command, two flag base waypoints still appear, yet there's still only one flag. So no, there are not two Rabbit flags, but rather just two waypoints, giving experienced (or lucky) players the edge over the competition. :)

by Riatha on October 23, 2001 · Rating:

You work too hard - you'll flame out and be an old man at 25 =P

Extremely nice job....I'll review this for real when I have more time to write.

by Mercen4ry on October 24, 2001 · Rating:

Well, judging as I'm 16 I have plenty of time to go ;). Anyway, I was kinda hoping for more reviews, but this works methinks.

by Mercen4ry on November 1, 2001 · Rating:

Note: The map still plays Arena, but I had Bytor remove it from the list since FlyingElmo himself had problems with it (and frankly I don't want to be graded for the Arena game type). Enjoy! :)

by Alundra on November 3, 2001 · Rating:

Obvisly Mercs best map, I would have to say that it is preaty cool besides the fact that you need to polish you maps a bit more like the force fields or somthing mite go through walls and little things, but that would be the only thing holding me from an A+ cause this map kicks ACE I love how it has like 10 different maps it'll fit as. Also how the rooms flood that looks super!

by Mercen4ry on November 3, 2001 · Rating:

Oh yes, fyi I know that the FF pierces the wall but had to keep it since taking it out would result in being able to get outside early (and that's a very bad thing). Thx for the review tho.

by powdahound on November 3, 2001 · Rating:

Quite an interesting map indeed. I think the concept is very creative, but I found many flaws in the map (some due to the t2 engine), and it made it seem like more time should have been put into it. It reminds me of those crazy maps that were run on the renegades servers in t1 (wow back to my old school noob days!) but it kinda cool to run around on especially when the bases are flooding. btw I think people's fps would absolutely DIE in a 16vs16 game... Creative idea, good execution.

by Mercen4ry on November 3, 2001 · Rating:

Please state these errors... I'd really like to know. I made a good faith effort to keep the FFs from blinking, yet they still do so when the water touches them (I thought it made a nice "FF is getting weaker" effect). My only wish is that the T2 engine would allow for more flexibility (and btw, there's a "Crush Depth - High FPS" version included should FPS be an issue).

by holywarrior444 on November 10, 2001 · Rating:

Frig this is a good map! The thing how the water fills up is just too cool. The reason I didn't give this map a A+ is cuz on the siege game type in this map, the bots are VERY dumb. You have to use the CC to make em do anything. Just work on the bots and this map is on par with Necrobones.

by SkaMaster on November 15, 2001 · Rating:

"On par with Necrobones..."?? Mercen4ry is already better than Necrobones. Hey, man, nice map. I think theres some major problems with bots, as mentioned earlier, though. The script is good on this level and I like the forcefield powerdown. I think the switch on siege, in its position, with turrets guarding it, is a little unreasonable after waiting all that time just to be able to go attack it. That's relly the only bad about this map, though. Cool job. Oh, and the FPS is pretty bad, on the high FPS and the regular. But that happens. Really, I like this level, and it brings back some memories from a Tribes 1 level. Nice job, keep em' coming.

by Mercen4ry on November 15, 2001 · Rating:

Ty dude. In the meantime, I said it once, and I'll say it again: If the map has "Bot Support = No" then the bots ARE NOT SUPPORTED. Also on this point, Necrobones to my knowledge has never used bots either, and I frankly don't blame him (For many reasons bots are impossible on maps like this). So please, don't hinder a grade based on something that doesn't exist in a map - It's a lost cause. (Unless the map is in beta)

by SkaMaster on November 23, 2001 · Rating:

Err... ok, no more 2 a.m. gradings. I confused the bots on this map with some other map. Lol, when I realized there was no actual bot support I got really confused until I figured it out. But anyway, the bot support on the other map sucked, and there were bots, so that's why I said that. Sorry, this map deserves an A instead of an A-. Again, good job Mercen4ry.

by Mercen4ry on November 26, 2001 · Rating:

s'ok, judging as I have gotten over being dropped off of the top 10 user rated (along with everyone else, lol). PS, the turret defenses by the switch will probably be the only things to worry about when the FFs goes down (and the mines :) since the defending team will not be there for quite a bit. Judging as Patience really takes about 15-25 minutes to take the switch with a half decent team, I gauged that in this map for servers that typically have a one hour time limit. And besides, there are vehicle bays for after the FFs go down :).