Forsaken Isle by Drummer 90 on February 10, 2007

Capture the Flag Other Storming Night

Welcome to Hell =)

After finally getting off my ass, working out the bugs, and cleaning it up, I can now present you with my first fully complete and playable map, and I glad to say that I'm perfectly happy with it.

The map consists of island surrounded by lava, with two clusters of bases about 1200 meters apart. Each side has an Upper Base (with the main gens, vehicle pad gens, forcefield solar panels, 4 invos, sentry turrets, an AA turret, 2 medium sensors, two teleporters essiental to the back entrance, and a repair pack), a Lower Base (with 2 invos, an AA turret, the turret gens, a bridge to the flag and large sensor, and a repair pack), and two side towers (each with an invo, missle turret and rock bridge to the flag).

Terrain is very suitable for skiing as the terrain's form a TR2 map. And there's lots of lava, lightning and meteors, and a sulfurous fog and a fiery sky for you all to stare at. Full range of vehicles and plently of rocks to have stupid people get their vehicles stuck on for laughs.

This map makes use of Sparky's awesome teleporters (the same teleporters I had to track sparky down for becuase of an odd bug even he didn't know about). Flags CANNOT, I Repeat, CANNOT be taken through the teleporters. Take flags through, and you'll find them suddenly gone from your hands.

VL2 file includes Sparky's teleporter script and ZOD, Founder, and TseTse's Map Support Pack with readmes.

Hope you all enjoy my first finished map as much as I do. Cheers!