Four Tribes by Red Shifter on February 19, 2006

Siege Lush Raining

Here is my undisputedly final map for Tribes 2 Siege. My master work. The best thing I will ever come up with. This map blends the Siege gametype with some CTF/Rabbit overtones to get a simplistic map that revolves around the flag.

Starwolf: You don't get much equipment; not even a health kit. This flag is simply a throwaway.

Phoenix: You get an Energy Pack and Inventory Stations. Show your mastery of the art of combat.

Blood Eagle: You get a Plasma Rifle in a large base. In close quarters, heavy weapons are the order of the day.

Diamond Sword: You get a Cloak Pack and a Shocklance. In addition, there is no flag marker; the carrier is invisible except to your own two eyes. One last-ditch effort to hold out.

This is my final Siege map. I hope that someone can find enjoyment out of it, because the pond simply cannot. It is rather ironic that the Four Tribes can represent the four years that I spent mapping for Siege.

My greatest regret is that I will never get that time back.


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