Frozen In Hell by |SM|Byte on August 15, 2001

Capture the Flag Volcanic Foggy Client Side Custom Textures Night

You've fallen thru a hole to Hell!
Your going to have to fight your way out, or end up like the rest of the visitors in the 'Pit!'

1. Turrets are limited as to what can be done to then.
2. Flag rooms operate on Backup Power, when Main Gens go Down. (30 seconds)

Terrain has some ski'ing possibilities, but its meant more for teamwork to get flag out away from base and the lava.

Thanks to t-b0n3 for the coding! and to #t2mappers for much love!


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by O3- on August 16, 2001 · Rating:

No, it may not have an objective, but it features two very prominant mapping ideas which (I think) should pick up. The "backup generator" and turret limitations rule, helping to balance gameplay significantly. I would personally love to see more CTF and Siege maps with this code.

by TheWanderer on August 17, 2001 · Rating:

Great map. The 'Pit' is cool, reminds me of Doom! The screaming and blood dripping is interesting.

Map is playable, would like to see it on some servers.

by {Mx}jacka$$ on August 17, 2001 · Rating:

AWESOME MAP...gotta love the screaming dead soldiers...the only thing that i think it is missing is a hidden entrance under the base that is only accessible by vehicle or something...GREAT JOB BYTE!

by Tristan on August 17, 2001 · Rating:

Woah Screaming Dead Dudes is pretty sweet in the pit. It is an interesting level with some nice ski routes for lights. Only real complaint is the base turret by flag. I rather see a team be made to defend

by brandon on August 17, 2001 · Rating:

Sweet map! Might be a lil hard, and its definately not a mainstream design, but nice look to it.. the middle is cool to look and listen too..

the turrets without barrels is quite the idea, sort of forces the the team to do some work..

vehicle pad on top was a nice addition and is sort-of cool..
i recommend this map

by Mercen4ry on August 17, 2001 · Rating:

It's nice to know that I don't get ANY credit for starting the Hell Frozen Over idea 10 or 20 maps ago :) (AND the screaming dead guys in the pits, etc, etc, etc). Anyway, just wanted to tack on to the map comment strings that it was my fault this whole hell frozen over got started from "A Cold Day in Hell." :D

by TseTse on August 17, 2001 · Rating:

err, i havent played this one yet, but sounds like one to boot up right now. i just wanted to say that the first "screaming dead guys" appears on lots of maps already (necrobones, thank you). But, who cares! If used well, i could care less who first "thought" of dead guys with audio emitters, but claiming to coin such an idea without proper credit is a whole other thing...

by TseTse on August 25, 2001 · Rating:

This one rocks. Lots of character. this wins the "Dead Guys Award" and has model lighting. This one should also be great for the ff-oriented mods, although the number of cap running pads is very limited.

by Cheesy_Poof_Man on September 11, 2001 · Rating:

This is a pretty fun map, and the screaming dudes make a nice effect. One thing i don't like is the lava. I don't know why, but I generally dislike lava maps. Maybe b.c. I know that I will lag and somehow die and fall in. The good terrain design, and middle objective make up for it. I'm suprised there aren't more downloads of this map.