Manifestation2 by Wipeout on July 20, 2004

Capture the Flag Deathmatch Lush Clear

I took a year off from playing tribes2 and now im playin again and posting new map. I have put alot of detail into this map some of which you will prolly wonder why its there, I dont really know why either but its fun to build again.

OK, I wont just tell you updates cause most prolly never played fist map since it was over a year ago heh.

Theres 3 bases 2 vehical stations and 1 bunker per team. Each base serves a different purpose.

The Small bases' generator powers all the Force Fields and sensors, this base will be the easyest target.

The Medium size bases' generator powers all turrets.

The large base powers all the Inventory and Vehical stations, this will be the primary target. The inventory generator it limited to only two entrances (one at top and other at bottom of the base) while the Force Fields are up, when they are down the Inventory generator will be a very easy target.

bases are about 1km apart
Visable distance is 375m

I could go on and on so just download it and see for yourself.

One last thing This will only be server side to thows who have Dynamix final map pack but i believe that majority of tribes2 players have the pack so it shouldnt be any problame. I have also heard that the interiors from DFmP came in one of the patchs so if thats true then the 10\% of tribes2 people who dont have DFmP still wont need to go get it.

Hope you like it peace.


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by Saber15 on September 28, 2004 · Rating:

Good Map Everything Is VERY Detailed 'N' Crisp Looking I Just Have One Complaint, And That Is Its Impossible To Find The Sky In Editor Also Same With Sun