Review of Map: Night Of The Phoenix by DrPimento on February 7, 2003

Playability: 75 Detail: 90 Balance: 85 Placement: 88 Mechanics: 85

The offense starts out under a v-pad with flashing, strobing "searchlights" surrounding it. (This was done by scaling a holograph projecter) I'm not sure exactly why those are there, but they make for decent eyecandy. Two inventory stations and a vehicle pad is all they have for loading up, but that should be enough. (There is a main, forcefielded base a few tens of meters away, in case the defense isn't nice enough not to spam the spawning area)

First objective is a small tower, off away from the "main action", where you must destroy the first of 3 generators. This area is extremely defendable: if the defense really runs, they could get there in enough time to set up a very, very tight chokehold.

Once this area is destroyed, up comes the interesting part. The "main defense base" is a conglomeration of many bridges/towers linked together, and it makes for some odd manouvering on the Heavy's part. A row of solar panels is the next target, which are very vulnerable from "far off" Shrike spamming.

Then comes a generator to destroy.. easily reachable by mortar fire, but you've got to be quick, before the Defense comes down hard on you.

Finally, the switch: very open, very easy to touch, so if the defense wants a chance, they'll need to repair the generator as fast as possible.

Playability is down a bit because of the very exposed location that the offense starts in, and for the difficulty of a few of their objectives.

Attention to detail is very good. The fog, lighting, and the "strobe lights" all add something to this map. Also, a good choice for terrain.. careful use of a cloak/jammer pack and the terrain can get one close without being seen.

Balance is slanted heavily to the defense. Not only the first objective, but the fact that the "main base" is guarded by two turrets, and all the final objectives (all 3) rest there makes it hard for the offense to get a foothold, let alone keep the defense from repairing.

Item Placement is well done. Inventories are in good positions, and aside from the two turrets being a little too close, in my opinion, the rest of the layout is nice.

Mechanics; this map works just how the author said it should: it's a wonderful place to be a shocklancer. With the myriad of ways to sneak up on the defense, plus the close proximity of everyone, you could have a field day without a few motion sensors up and running.

As a Siege map, it may be a bit too close together and a bit too hard to "switch" on for some, but overall, I think it would be enjoyable to most. Just make sure the defense plays by the "Rules", or your V-pad/spawnpoints will be spammed mercilessly.