Outland Kings by Cinderkarst on August 7, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Foggy Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

My seventh clientside map focuses on close combat, as well as judicious use of limited assets. It serves 7v7 the best, but should scale well up to 12v12 (hopefully).

Each team starts out with two MPBs in addition to their "solid" base assets. They don't respawn, so once they get torn up that's the end of'em.

The terrain is very ski-friendly, with plenty of cover and places to hide deployable invos.

The base complexes themselves are home to a turret, a sensor, six invos, and a generator. The structure itself is easily defensible but far from impregnable.

The flags sit on platforms suspended above each team's bases, and spaced over 600m apart.



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by HarmlessHam$ter on September 17, 2004 · Rating:

I liked the layout and how one could flip over an MPB and then place something under it ... like a sensor. When the MPB righted itself - it would leave the sensor intact - under it!