Retaliation by Dr. Pimento on September 16, 2002

Bounty Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Deathmatch Hunters Team Hunters Badlands Raining Bots

The final chapter for Futures of Vengance. Retaliation takes place on a now-deserted Bio-derm training facility.

The flags for CTF are only 200 apart or so.. but don't let that fool you into thinking it's an easy cap! Both flags are protected by forcefields, and the generators are in a tower base, a mere 400 from the center. Once a flag generator is destroyed, Forcefield "shields" come up, protecting the Flag tower, and invariably trapping the attacker!

The game then becomes a race to see who wins: the flag capper, or the people repairing the generator.. once the Flag Gen is destroyed, a spawnsphere in the tower basement is created..

CnH has towers in all four corners, and a mid-field point as well.

Nexus is in the center.

As with all my maps.. bots work. They really seem to like CTF, too.. which is fun!


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by Dr. Pimento on September 16, 2002 · Rating:

BTW: Vpads for both teams spawn only Havocs. This is intentional: all other vehicles would just make gameplay *unfair*. The Havoc is for a concentrated Heavy assault on the Enemy tower.. nothing more. :)

by Dr. Pimento on September 18, 2002 · Rating:

Comments, suggestions... come to me... *weaves spell of tongue-loosening +14 on this page* You *will* talk, everyone! Speak! I command you!

by Dr. Pimento on January 6, 2003 · Rating:

Yar.. the sanctuaries are three "shrines" that have... things.. nearby....
They were not mentioned. ;)
That's ok, though.

by killbot on January 7, 2003 · Rating:

*walking in zombie-like fashion*

Dr. Pimento's map is the best. You must download it. You WILL have fun on it. If you do not download it you will have a great spell cast on you.

*more zombie-like movements*

by starstriker1 on January 7, 2003 · Rating:

Great map pimento! Nice scripting with the forcefields, and great gameplay. This is the same style used in dessicator, but you pull it off much better. I wonder if having shrikes would change the gameplay that drastically?

by Dr. Pimento on January 7, 2003 · Rating:

Yeah.. I tested with full vehicles.. then knocked them off one by one. =) They rule the "mosh pit" (ask the bots why I call the center field that name.. ;)... tanks are ungodly.. squishy, squishy.. Shrike blasters are just as nasty.. havoc I just figured would help get your Jugs to the enemy gens. =) I thought through the vehicle problem for quite a while, tho'.

by Dr. Pimento on January 11, 2003 · Rating:

Sorry, SS.. however, given your prowess with the Shrike, I have a feeling that letting you have one would have been murder for everyone else. ;)

by Terrenteller on February 13, 2004 · Rating:

Sorry, but your map ---- up my game!!! The transfer ff's don't work, the regular ff's don't work right and it just pure chaos!!! In what is "suppost" to be a safe zone there are enemys all over the place!!! That is all.

by Dr. Pimento on May 26, 2004 · Rating:

Check your scripts.. there may be a conflict. I find it amusing that ONLY you, of all the people testing and playing it (even on the Pickup Nights) had issues. :p