_The Sandbox by Spartan119 on February 9, 2007

Capture the Flag Desert Clear

Inspired by "The Sandbox" level from Army Men: Sarges Heroes (N64)

Pretty much 4 big castles, and the mission area is contained by huge walls. (See screenshots for layout of things)

the main bases are identical, and the terrain is almost identical. the Neutral castles are similar to each other, each having 2 inventories for all to use. the objective is in the middle, Two invincible turrets to help control the middle map area. There are 2 entries an almost dugout style gen room, and the main castles have 3 entry ways, the main door, back door, and the open side... as well as flying over the walls themselves... Not much built in base Defense, a few turrets and a sensor each. So deployables should be something to consider using.