Soccer Field by Red Shifter on February 2, 2007

Other Lush Clear Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

NOTE: This map requires Team Rabbit 2 version 0324 or later in order to operate properly.

This map was created as a "test bed" for a TR2 modification called Soccer Mode. In this mode, you cannot easily carry the flag. Moving too fast while holding the flag or touching it will launch the flag as if you were passing it. You must pass the flag down the field and use teamwork in order to score goals.

Goalies are also used in this mode. The goalie lines are drawn on the field, and he can pick up the flag. He is fully protected from all attack, and can toss the flag to a teammate without enemies getting in his way.

Getting tired of l33tness and looking for something a bit more simple? Try playing some Team Rabbit 2 Soccer!

The 22 banners in this map use source graphics that come from many sources, such as myself, Juke, Dynamix Staff, TTHREAZ, Toejam, Bytor, a tiny fishie, and even Tribalwar.