Treachery by CobraINC on October 18, 2002

Siege Other Storming Client Side

This is the map that Heresy was meant to be, Take a look, do some play testing, and if you like it, or hate it let me hear some feed back.

--- The Defensive base is protected by FF's, most of which are powered by the Center generator, the Switch is protected on three sides by Forcefields. The front protected by one set of three blue FF's, and on the remaining two sides by green FF's, The Switch Gen powers the blue FF's the Base gens power the Green FF's.
---Offense has the advantage of an Artillery Platform overlooking the enemy base, however line-of-sight prohibits direct firing of Artillery, a laze or beacon, and manual control is necessary to make the turret effective. The Offense also has a fully functional vehicle pad, although it's at a distance from the conflict.


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