Truce by Ensign Munro on July 30, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Foggy Client Side

This map is a client-side prequel to my map series of Castle Risk.

The BioDerms constructed a terraforming base on the desert planet of Ortis. Under the direction of the highly respected, and highly intelligent, Dr. Goretooth, the terraforming base was able to be constructed and put into operation to turn the desert world of Ortis into a lush, and vibrant world. The Derms needed the food that a lush world could produce to survive.

After the slaughter of the horde, the base became abandoned. However, during the years to follow it's abandonment, the station remained operational. In a few years, it turned the immediate area around it into a lush, and fast developing, area. The Blood Eagles and the Diamond Sword discovered this place, and are now fighting to claim control of it.

The base layout is similar to Ramparts, but the wall sections are in front to the main base, and the gate used in Trident is also used. Water is present. The Flags are located on the wall section directly in front of the main base. Repair packs are located in the "boxed in room" of the base and the outside area where the flag normally resides.

The Next map in the Castle Risk series is Forgotten Desert (if the name is not taken already). It, too, will be a client-side map.

Sorry for the lack of screenshots. My game went down the crapper when i took the screenshots.

I hope you enjoy!


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