VolcanOasis by Wipeout on May 6, 2005

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On this map the attackers start in the moutains. They must go into the oasis and destroy the generator in a base inside a Volcano. At first there is only one way into the Volcano base and that is threw the top of the volcano. At the top of the volcano there is a gen that the attacking team can repair so that will spawn a landing pad so that the drop into the base wont do damage to them. Once inside there are 2 gens to destroy one that powers the force fields to the front entrances and one that protects the switch. The gen that protects switch cannot be repaired. The switch is located in a temple behind the volcano.

Thanks to Nycto and Hacker[SOW] for making the interiors.


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by Wipeout on May 7, 2005 · Rating:

I got the interiors off the maps Neve (made by Nycto) and Temple of War (Made by Hacker) so if they got the interiors from someone else I dont know who made them.