Watery Siege by Red Shifter on December 18, 2005

Siege Other Foggy Night

You really thought you were rid of me? The greatest mapper ever? The Red Shifter? NEVER!

Watery Siege is an extension of Watery Death. Instead of just going around and shooting at enemies, you actually play around an objective! And there's movable turrets too!

Offense: Your goal is to claim the switch. It's just sitting there, but it's not as easy as it looks. You must hold it for 3 minutes in order to make the capture. If you're having problems with the enemy turrets, try knocking them back to a less lethal position.

Defense: The offense is coming for your switch. Keep them away from it. Maneuver the turrets further up the field, and then duel the enemies in the center. Don't forget about the unstable footing; in fact, use it to your advantage!

Whoever holds the switch will be able to stand on the forcefield below it. But if you're the other team - look out, it's a trap!

The turrets are close range and deal little damage, but they take out a vicious amount of tiles when they start shooting. Also, they can be moved by shooting the buttons on either side of them.

Of course, shooting the center of a tile will blow it up. That much hasn't changed.

So, are you ready for the most difficult Siege map ever? Watery Siege? It will drop you into lethal water and make you cry.


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