Shattered Paradise by Dr. Pimento on May 16, 2002

Bounty Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Deathmatch Hunters Siege Team Hunters Lush Raining Bots

The Blood Eagle armies returned victorious from a campaign against the Hordes, only to come home and find one of their most sacred relics lying in ruins. Lighting plays across the sky now, and courses through the empty shells that were temples, once.

Shattered Paradise gives a new aspect to CTF, being described by one as Siege in CTF. If you hold the center Ruins, you have a ForceField over your flag, keeping it safely out of enemy's hands. As an added bonus, you can capture the low Temple, whereupon the Sniper's room in the Main base will cloak anyone inside it. This is absolutely perfect for those who would be HeadHunters.

Alas, anyone venturing into the Temple will find themselves put to rest by the lightning: but would you sacrifice yourself for the cloak ability?

Siege gameplay is different, as well. A repair pack is the first objective. Once an offensive generator is repaired, not only are all assets online, but henceforth all spawns are within the relative safety of the base's walls.

Bots work.. in fact, I spent quite a while trying to make them competent allies. Siege was difficult, but they are complete.
In CnH, actually, the Bots are more than enough for opponents, and put up a very decent fight.

Thanks to:
Dev (scripting, lots of it), Fragment (solo beta tester), and CleverClothe (general help)

Have fun!


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by snyperpunk_LP on May 19, 2002 · Rating:

after your dimond sword one u should make a pheonix one. then ehen they are all complete you should release a mappack with a kool name of this/these story(S?).

by Dr. Pimento on May 19, 2002 · Rating:

Actually, that's what I've planned on.. but wait! There's going to be a Badlands chapter, too.. and wait until you see the surprise there!

by Dr. Pimento on May 18, 2002 · Rating:

SnyperPunk: No lag. Except when you're running bots.

StarStriker: Welcome about the bots.. and Siege + CnH + CTF was a bit of work.. thanks to Dev that it ever got out. But it's sweet the way it's running now.. (And wait 'till you see the Diamond Sword chapter!)

by starstriker1 on May 17, 2002 · Rating:

This is the one you were talking about... thanks for slipping in the bot support!

THAT looks nice... good job!

How did you manage to make it a seige AND ctf AND solo gametype map? Pretty damn amazing there doc....

Keep them coming!

by Dr. Pimento on May 16, 2002 · Rating:

Dynamix Final Map Pack required.. and honest. If you don't have it yet.. you should. It's really, really good. (Besides, it'll let you play my map!)

by starstriker1 on May 29, 2002 · Rating:

Impressive for a SERVER SIDE MAP? This map looks better than most client side ones! great use of fog, special effects, and objects make this map look completely different than any other... by the way, what terrain does this use? I cant seem to tell...

by Dr. Pimento on May 29, 2002 · Rating:

I believe it uses Damnation.. And if *anyone* enjoys this map.. keep an eye out for StarStriker's next one. It looks to be great.. I've been following it. It's not going to be big, since there's no customs.. but it looks *new*.

by starstriker1 on May 29, 2002 · Rating:

Oh ya. The gameplay is going to be original, and I ve done two things: 1)Keep it server side 2)Have a custom building. Wondering how? You'll just have to wait... heheh. BTW great work on this map... a beauty!

by starstriker1 on May 30, 2002 · Rating:

I just checked the map out this morning! Great work! I tried getting the switch... even with a shield pack its impossible to get out alive! But... how does the cloak work? The ruins objective will make for some very interesting capping... I only have two quarrels (and they are both based on my own oppinion, as such I didn't mark based on them): 1)Snipers given a lot of power... and a lot of range. Might end up like firestorm where there is cross-map sniping 2)No vehicles. Being a dedicated pilot, I'm not as fond of maps without vehicles... but thats a very personal oppinion... OVERALL, GREAT MAP! Hope your next ones have the same level of originality...

by Dr. Pimento on May 30, 2002 · Rating:

Cloak tower is the tower room in the main base.. all people entering it are cloaked, if their team holds the switch. And I tried to put up the ruins for anti-sniper coverage.
As for vehicles.. well, it's a bit small, you know? But Crystal Shards (next map) has them!

by Gorthaur on May 31, 2002 · Rating:

looks neat, but gameplay is bad and there arent many things to do. The switch with the lightning all around it seems to have no use that i can find, other than being a big bug zapper.

by Dr. Pimento on May 31, 2002 · Rating:

Ah, but if you venture into the "Bug Zapper" (love the name, BTW :)and successfully capture it, then the main tower's top room cloaks anyone from your team.. if you like sniping, this is a God-send. (I think, anyway)

by starstriker1 on June 8, 2002 · Rating:

A suggestion for the future... dont use dynamix final map objects or terrains. Very few people have it because of the huge download size, and you unfortunatly are making these guys suffer!

by Dr. Pimento on June 9, 2002 · Rating:

However, the Dynamix Final Map Pack has over twenty-five thousand downloads, and is pulling over thirteen hundred more every month.. hopefully it won't be too much of a problem. :)