Gauntlet_Revisited by silvers_revenge on September 8, 2002

Siege Desert Clear

This is a remake of the original Gauntlet, two bunkers have been added that control new Forcefields. The back door cap is still possible without generator destruction but the difficultly of it increased as one chute entrance is blocked and the main passage to the switch block by FF. The idea here was to keep the map feeling like Gauntlet while adding objectives to encourage teamplay.


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by silvers_revenge on September 9, 2002 · Rating:

The whole idea was to stop the 40 second caps. The 1st and 2nd bunkers can be destroyed by the offense before defense can setup there, thus reverting it to the original Gauntlet. If the defense then successfully holds off the 1st wave they are rewarded with time to setup at 1st and 2nd bunkers moving the fight outside. I think the maps should be played not just loaded, most new people to the game stop on a seige server and after three maps that end in a combined time of 3min leave and never come back.

by Mallak on September 9, 2002 · Rating:

i for one enjoy long seirge battles, alcatraz for example needs to be removed from all rotations or "revisited" so you can just rush it.

by Lead Falcon on September 8, 2002 · Rating:

Dude the map is tough enough as it is, and not to mention laggy enough. The back door is almost impossible the way it is and blocking off the big entrance to it doesn't really help...

by PsychoBorg on September 9, 2002 · Rating:

Dsez did that with Alcatraz advanced, alcatraz is one of my favorite maps save the fact that one person on the offense always has to be an ass and take the havoc straigth to the enemy base without letting anyone else on :(