A Mystical Overcast of Ancient Tree Disciples by The_Night_Wolf on August 29, 2001

Capture the Flag Lush Foggy

Yeah,hello again.This map was designed for the thousands of crazy Mods out there,but also works well solo.(the water is a lot of fun,check it out.)till next time...


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by TseTse on September 8, 2001 · Rating:

Any map that makes you feel like an Ewok deserves comment. The environment on this map is really simple and fitting. The FPS gets strained in spots, but it generally works. Custom water fits the speed and style of the map, as well. However, I had spawning issues while the side decks and gens should keep this mostly balanced, this will likely be frustrating to most players (the water).

by Mercen4ry on September 15, 2001 · Rating:

Played this map on a Renegades server and it seemed fun, but I did have a few issues (such as spawning IN the base tree, the tree stump object being too large to look decent, and the pointless cappable objective), but other then that it's your standard CTF map with fun water. :)

by The_Night_Wolf on December 3, 2001 · Rating:

this was the second map I've ever Created(newbie)but the Ewok vibe I was aiming for I think worked out.
thankx for giving this map a shot!!!