Lake Devlon by Jugger d on December 29, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Raining Night

Lake Devlon is your basic map for CTF. Destroy the solar panels on top enemy base to get in it, and then take out the main generators. Simple enough of course. Take a look at the bases, they use blue force fields. Those do not go down. Why? In my terms: it looks bad when they go down. The base loses its feel and I start to get bored and annoyed when my base looks like just some floating bunkers.
Also notice that laying on the outskirts of the map are some flying vehicles, they run on first come first serve and are equally distributed among the map.
Next, not that each base looks and feels different, but are both equally made, equal amount of weaknesses and strengths in the bases.
Last but not least, the map was made to feel real. I used some audio effects and fauna, along with some emitters for my own delight. While it’s VR, I tried my best.


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