Boba Fetts City by Cyborg_Boba_fet on February 8, 2003

Bounty Capture the Flag Deathmatch Hunters Other Rabbit Team Hunters Lush Foggy Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Well this is my first city atemp. My next one will be much much better. But I mise well test what people think of this one first.

Well their are bases for CTF. they are like a big 4 or 5 story apartment. With a vehicle station. And about 4 invos.

If you are missing anything please tell me. Its hard to keep track of what to put in and stuff if you have all this other crap kicking around.


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by Lead Falcon on February 8, 2003 · Rating:

god DAMN man! This place looks like quite a playground. Textures are a big cartoonish but who's complaining? Can't say how it will play but it's definitely creative...

by PsychoBorg on February 8, 2003 · Rating:

great start,this city was. well short. i hope you have taller buildings in your next map and i cant wait to see them ;)
i have this vision of shiny skyscrapers :)

by Red Shifter on February 8, 2003 · Rating:

I should give you an F for leaving out Siege, but on to more pressing issues... first of all, it looks like a pure FPS killer. How is the FPS on this map?

Red Shifter - The Legendary Cynic of Siege

by Cyborg_Boba_fet on February 9, 2003 · Rating:

Red. My main goal was to achive low FPS. So I portaled all them little buildings and the big ones. And lowered the visible distance and tweeked some other stuff. and now the FPS I belive are very good for this amount of visible distance.

And I guess you could rant a little at me for using SOME PSP textures. but the roof textures is one i sorta made. Because it used to be a fish scale then i shrunk it down to fit into t2 then i also recoloured it. The carpet textures and pavement textures and sidewalk textures and street post and road block textures are all somewhat textures from PSP but they are not totaly from it. i just took a color. selected to texture it then i had to tune everything to make it look right. but the wood and the bricks are already made textures so i would just need to scale it to fit. I only do this because its easyer and faster to make them.

by Iczer3 on February 10, 2003 · Rating:

Definatly one of the better city-themed maps available. It doesn't KILL your FPS, but they will take a bit of a hit. I liked it quite a bit actually... We be addicted to the Construction Mod eh Cyborg? (I can see quite a lot of things commonly done in the mod on this map). One little nitpicking thing though, your two flag bases have a couple of 'oops...'s in them. First is the ramps, two of them jut out under the floor they're supposed to end at, or is that area supposed to be some type of extra "Deploy turret here" type areas? Also the BE Vbay is pretty high in comparison to the other teams. Other than that it's worth putting on servers that DO use CS maps. It has one heck of a Counter-Strike "rats" feeling to it...

by R7X3 on February 14, 2003 · Rating:

I would probably love this map... if it had bot support, looks great, but isnt much use to me without bots, so i cant really give it a grade.

by Iczer3 on February 24, 2003 · Rating:

Heh, hey Fett, ever try constructing a building with the Construction Mod on this map? I am right now (well, not RIGHT now, I'm at college...), on the cliffside. ;)