Broken Dreams by Dr. Pimento on May 1, 2002

Bounty Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Deathmatch Hunters Rabbit Siege Team Hunters Snow Storming Bots Night

This once beautiful outflung StarWorlf world was taken by the Derm forces during it's inhabitant's tenure in the war. The snowfields were turned to vast mining tracts, with bridges marring the view and pollution clouding the sky. The Bioderms had left by the time the humans returned, but that didn't make the loss any more bearable.

The atmosphere of this map is dark, and perhaps forboding. Despite the lower fog grounds (which provides cloak pack users quite a bit of cover) the upper air is clear, providing snipers with a perfect atmosphere.

All base gametypes are supported, and the Bots work absolutely great. (For Bots)

Siege is a challange, without being impossible.
CnH has 5 far-spread towers, stretching offense, yet being defendable.
CTF is a lot of fun, because of the visibility, but there are a few Sentry turrets in the middle to discourage people from taking a straight line between flags.

There are weapon caches around the map, and while the Mortar is disallowed from the Inventories, they can be found in two locations, near the main bases.

ForceFields are powered by generators in a secondary bases a ways from the Main bases, but under the fog.

Some of the problems I encountered were the invisible generators providing power even though they were unseen, (thus letting Siege forcefields be visible in CTF) and I can only say thanks to those in the Tribes2Forums that this map ever made it out.

CleverClothe (for everything)
Dev and Alingis (scripting)
Kid7aze and BinderAJ (beta testing)
Hundin666 (Siege gameplay)

Thanks to all, and have fun!


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by Dr. Pimento on May 25, 2002 · Rating:

TinyFishy, thank you so much for pointing out the error. A corrected version of the map has been sent to Bytor, and this map should be updated posthaste. Servers, fear no more!

by Dr. Pimento on May 23, 2002 · Rating:

Have you tested/proved the Mortar issue? I just re-looked at my .MIS file, and in the GameOver function, it's supposed to set the InventoryBan to FALSE.. is it not working as expected?

by a tiny fishie on May 23, 2002 · Rating:

nice map, but two problems: it's not truly serverside since it uses textures from the dynamix final pack. and if you put this map on your server, no one will be able to use mortars on ANY map because this map disables mortars for EVERY map on the server.

by a tiny fishie on May 23, 2002 · Rating:

whoops, this map doesn't use the dynamix final pack textures (shattered paradise does, though). the mortar issue still stands, however.

by Dr. Pimento on May 16, 2002 · Rating:

...Shattered Paradise, which is now out!

...Does no one wish to rate my maps? Really.. I have to improve, and feedback is the best way I can see to do that..
Just a thought.

by Death Lobster on May 2, 2002 · Rating:

Very nice map. The bots are very intellegent. All of the game play types are all diverse, interesting and fun to play. Keep the good maps coming!

by Dr. Pimento on May 3, 2002 · Rating:

Before anyone thinks otherwise, it's not like I just threw in alternate gametypes. Each one is different, with the most drastic change being between CTF and Siege. The other gametypes were not an afterthought!

by Alundra on May 3, 2002 · Rating:

I thought this map was preaty cool. You spent a lot of time on this obvisously, they wps got kinda screwed up in siege though, but besides that I think the whol atmosphere and feel just kicked ass. Its amazing how you can still make a map feel completely new and original withought worldcraft or customs.

by Dr. Pimento on May 9, 2002 · Rating:

For all of you that are interested, I'm working on another map in this series: Shattered Paradise. A key feature of these maps will be their bot support: intelligent gameplay will be striven for. Stay tuned!

by Lexor on July 29, 2002 · Rating:

Disables mortars ?? Bad mapper !! Lucky it doesn't do so with Rev mod, where this map plays well. Good atmosphere and really fun, intense play.

by Dr. Pimento on July 30, 2002 · Rating:

Hehe.. well, it's such a short distance to the bases.. plus, if you manage to find them, there are two spots under the fog where you can get the mortar. Just for fun. (ie: if you want it that badly, you can have it) Glad your mod likes it, Lexor..

by Jugger d on December 27, 2002 · Rating:

It deserves higher than an "A+" but still... This map is awsome Dr. P. I planned on commenting earlier I just never do this sort of thing though. Great job I love the use of terrain and beautiful scenery. The fog adds a great texture or does anyone understand what I'm trying to say?

by Mr Tagomi on March 27, 2003 · Rating:

I love this whole map series. I also think it's very brave of you to make the maps available for every gametype you can. You are one of my favourite mappers, and I think its great the way you have created great bots for loads of your maps. Can I make a suggestion? Why not release a 'mappers tips' guide, not a tutorial, but a cool index of good and bad things to include in maps, ideas that work well and ones that don't etc.

by Riavan on October 11, 2003 · Rating:

Shattered Dreams, brings many map types together, to enjoy in a spiritual journey into a frozen starwolf wasteland.

The atmosphere is absolutely amazing, Fog covers the low ground, with flimsy buildings and armor caches scattered about. You almost feel some kind of horrible alien is going to jump out and eat you. As you enter the high ground you can see the array or stars overhead, the snowy white capped mountain tops and the all consuming fog below(which I am always wary of). Massive bridges reach across from Mountin top to mountain top, its truely impressive to play and view.

The Bases are gaint spiderlooking outposts stuck into the sides of massive hills. Easy access will get you into the base, via the top and bottom. This makes for awesome games of every game type bar CTF, where people tend to like to hunt around in the enemy base. Other than that one base is slightly higher than the other, I believe this might be for seige? But alas it takes the balance down a notch for CTF maps. You will definatly see alot of offense on this map, but due to the easy base access, you will often have to fight to reclaim your base.

The lack of motars of course makes for a much cleaning, less spam gameplay.

Overall this map is truely something you deserve to play at least once in your life, so treat yourself give it a go.

by starstriker1 on October 11, 2003 · Rating:

While this is an infinitly belated grading... this map is AWESOME, and I especially like the feel. A tip, though: the fog ALLWAYS lags everything up. Its never different: entering the fog chops the framerate into quarters.

by Commando Justin on December 5, 2003 · Rating:

This is a well done map and allows a variety of gameplay but the seige version is pretty confusing it took me a little to figure it out and it also is confusing to people who are playing this map for the first time. But it is a goood map.

by Jake Silver on December 18, 2004 · Rating:

Very creepy. Definitely catches the feeling like no book or photograph could. Don't know why, but there's just something more vivid about playing it than reading or seeing a picture. I LOVE the web of bridges all over the place, and this map does kicketh buttocks on the MD2 mod.