Minas Tirith by The Driver on July 4, 2004

Siege Lush Clear Client Side

Probably gonna maul your FPS, dont expect to see this on any servers or anything tbh. :) Just u/ling for a few ppl to get a hold of it. This was created originally for the T2 UKLAN but was not finnished in time


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by The Driver on July 7, 2004 · Rating:

Yea, i woulda done custom interiors making the whole think white etc, but i havent a clue what to use or how to use whatever is needed to make interiors in T2 :) Just did the best i could with what I had :p

by Sfphinx on March 22, 2005 · Rating:

Screenshots aren't bad. I will have to take a look at it more closely.

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