Triad -Condensed- by PsychoBorg on January 25, 2003

Siege Lush Raining Night

This is a huge change from the original Triad map. The major differences are that the bases are much closer together so the action is centered around the control base. The Offensive tower has been removed because it is not needed due to the much closer attackers base. I have fixed the 'skysolidcolor' so that people who have their settings set to no sky would not be annoyed by the bright green. The brighness of the sun has also been upped.

Volucer by Celios on January 23, 2003

Siege Lush Clear Client Side

This is my first publicly released Client Side map. The name “Volucer” is a Latin word meaning “to fly”. I thought this title described the map aptly, due to its gameplay characteristics.

The attackers start in a floating base, high above a volcano. The base is an interesting combination of platforms, paths and buildings.

Quicksand by Jambon on January 12, 2003

Siege Desert Foggy

This is one of the largest Siege maps to date. The offense has to use the vehicles supplied, or else... it takes a while. That's all.

The defense has two forcefield generators and two switch generators. The secondary generators cannot be repaired, but they are harder to get to. The defensive base is spread out quite a bit, so being in the right place is a matter of skill and luck.

Thanks to DSEZ, Red Shifter, Nutcracker, and everyone who tested the map and gave constructive criticism, rather than just annoy me and diss the map. You know who you are.

Desert Reign by Ensign Munro on January 12, 2003

Siege Desert Clear Night

This is my 3rd overall siege map, but it is my First fully working one! The waypoint actrually change when you destroy an enemy generator! So, anyway, about the map. Lets see......

I got the name from god knows where, but i got the idea for the map on my own. The attacker's and defender's bases are about 450 clicks away from each other, so there are no vehicle stations. There are 5 generators that the attackers must kill to get to the switch: The BaseFF gen, the 2 Main Gens, the Defense Gen, and the equipment Gen. The main, D, and Equip. gens need to be down to cap.

Night Of The Phoenix by DSEZKiller on January 7, 2003

Siege Desert Clear Night

This map has takin me many days and long hours. This map is a fast pace rape and capture the base map. This map was made for the players who love the shocklance. There are so many hiding spots to sneak up on the opponent. The offense will easily cap if the defense is not set up quick and well. Thanks to all the players on the pond and other people. Especially Morgoth Buaglir for going through the map in the early stages to improve the game play. Thanks to everyone who has kept siege alive for so long.

Camelot by Golarth on December 30, 2002

Siege Lush Clear Bots

I started this map last july, and just now I'm finally getting around to releasing it. This map is designed around a traditional Castle Siege, complete with working drawbridge. I tried to make it look good while still being server side and work well on older machines(It was playable on my old 500Mhz machine).

Gameplay goes as follows: The two base generators must be taken down to expose the forcefield generator. Once the forcefield gen is down, the switch is exposed for the cap.

All Rivers Run by nutcracker on December 29, 2002

Capture the Flag Other Siege Lush Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures

This map can be used for three game types; TR2, Siege and CTF. Theoretically, I could have done this without scripting but I decided to make some major changes to the map for each type.
I have included a script that omits creating a trigger for inventory stations that are specific for each game type based on the mission type of the station. I have also created a trigger that kills bots when they get “stuck” in the rivers(attempting to go against the flow). However it produces console spam and is rather untested.

Caldera -Christmas Edition- by Celios on December 24, 2002

Siege Snow Snowing Bots

I've worked overtime 24/7 for 2 days now and I think my creation is ready. It's SS and has some really cool changes (including some gameplaywise.)

Changes (taken from .mis):
-Press Escape in-game to see the full list of Changes:
-The Offence now has a Forward Base inside the Defensive Base. Simply destroy the Equipment Generator once to access it.
-The flaming Caldera has been transformed into an ice rink! And guess what the game is? Hockey!
-There is now a Defensive Shrike. Finding the carefully hidden "present" under one of the trees just might let you use it!

Venculum by paint_it_black on December 23, 2002

Siege Volcanic Clear Night

- The attackers are trapped in a huge (roughly 500msquared) area, surrounded by forcefield.

- Take out the Lockdown generator to end the period of confinement.

- Once Lockdown generator is taken out the switch is cappable, but hard. Destroying the Equiptment and Forcefield generators will help greatly.

- Repair kit is located at the centre of the switch base.

Have fun

Sub pack by Cyborg_Boba_fet on December 21, 2002

Capture the Flag Siege Other Foggy Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

Well. After much time of planning, interior making, editor fixing, interior fixing, patch downloading. I finaly got to finish my map. but they are two different maps. one is siege and the other is ctf. so i decided to put it in a pack insted of seperate maps.

o yes i almost forgot. i did make a scuba diver skin for this map. I hope that this map will get some good grades.