Capture the Flag

Mana by Cinderkarst on September 11, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Clear Client Side Custom Shapes

This is my final T2 map. After countless hours of playing and mapping for this fantastic game, it's time for me to move on to other games.

Mana is a huge, sprawling map favoring the defense to a pretty heavy extent. Each team's flag is place in between a gauntlet of trees and a pool of water. The high visibility makes it hard for the capper to make a clandestine approach to the enemy flagstand.

Flanking the flag mound are two towers sporting four invos powered by a generator below.

Vendaric by ZOD on August 17, 2004

Capture the Flag Defend and Destroy Desert Clear Bots Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes Night

This map is based on Vestige by dr boom and uses his interiors, I liked his map so much I wanted to make a non-Siege version.

Some gameplay altering scripting was done. Sparkys teleporters were added just as they are in dr booms map. You can undeploy deployables simply by walking up to one, looking at it and pressing your pack key. This was put in because maybe you do not like where the bot placed something.

All scripting is activated via the Map Support Pack v2 by Founder, myself and TseTse.

Ashen Powder by Cinderkarst on August 14, 2004

Capture the Flag Volcanic Foggy Client Side Custom Shapes

Here is the final map of the xC map pack, finally. :)

Ashen Powder is based on an old post by Evil Napkin as well as a mission in the Playstation game Warhawk.

The battleground is about 1000km away from a massive volcanic eruption site. The explosion of the cinder cone has covered the ground in a dense cloud of dust and debris. Even now, bombs and ash still fall from the sky. Within this choking fog, two teams battle it out the only way they know how.

The flags stand over 850m apart, on the "lip" of each team's base.

Treacherous Intentions by Ubernator on August 8, 2004

Capture and Hold Capture the Flag Volcanic Clear Night

Shi Draconis Alpha has been freed from the Horde invasion, but a splinter group of the Pact threatens the Diamond Sword's hold on the planet. Only a showdown over the periphery tower can determine who will control Shi Draconis Alpha after the war.

I have put a lot of time and effort into Treacherous Intentions, in every aspect I can think of in a server-side map. For some time, I had the idea of creating an epic battle on the 5th training mission terrain and creating a very playable "lava" type map.

This map features the famous periphery tower as a capturable objective.

Outland Kings by Cinderkarst on August 7, 2004

Capture the Flag Desert Foggy Client Side Custom Textures Custom Shapes

My seventh clientside map focuses on close combat, as well as judicious use of limited assets. It serves 7v7 the best, but should scale well up to 12v12 (hopefully).

Each team starts out with two MPBs in addition to their "solid" base assets. They don't respawn, so once they get torn up that's the end of'em.

The terrain is very ski-friendly, with plenty of cover and places to hide deployable invos.

The base complexes themselves are home to a turret, a sensor, six invos, and a generator.

Truce by Ensign Munro on July 30, 2004

Capture the Flag Lush Foggy Client Side

This map is a client-side prequel to my map series of Castle Risk.

The BioDerms constructed a terraforming base on the desert planet of Ortis. Under the direction of the highly respected, and highly intelligent, Dr. Goretooth, the terraforming base was able to be constructed and put into operation to turn the desert world of Ortis into a lush, and vibrant world. The Derms needed the food that a lush world could produce to survive.

After the slaughter of the horde, the base became abandoned. However, during the years to follow it's abandonment, the station remained operational.

Manifestation2 by Wipeout on July 20, 2004

Capture the Flag Deathmatch Lush Clear

I took a year off from playing tribes2 and now im playin again and posting new map. I have put alot of detail into this map some of which you will prolly wonder why its there, I dont really know why either but its fun to build again.

OK, I wont just tell you updates cause most prolly never played fist map since it was over a year ago heh.

Theres 3 bases 2 vehical stations and 1 bunker per team.